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How much does a product photographer cost?

Product photography pricing in London 2020

How much does a product photographer cost in London?

Product photography prices can vary from a few pounds to a few hundred depending on the photographer or photo studio you are working with. 

In 2020, the average cost of product photography in London is £160 to £450. This cost can vary depending on the setup required for the photoshoot as well as the length of the shoot. 
For example, advertise 3 Amazon package offers from £199-£449 for between 7 and 11 finished photographs. Meanwhile, scale down their prices according to quantity, ranging from £19.99 per shot for up to 1-4 images, down to £4.99 each for 200+ images.
Note that not all product photographers advertise their costs upfront; many prefer to offer a bespoke quotation for each job. 

At Splento one of our main objective is to provide a fair pricing structure - starting at just £99 per hour with no hidden extras

If you have any questions regarding product photography in London (regardless of who you finally partner with), then we are happy to help answer them – so feel free to get in touch with us today.

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1 hour photoshoot

£99 £195 £225

2 hour photoshoot

£198 £253 £420

3 hour photoshoot

£297 £337 £480
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Jo Malone London review
Jo Malone London

Great experience from the very beginning! Personable approach, amazing photographer Bogdan and great variety of professional and beautiful shots. Both - conference and the party were captured perfectly. The whole office could not believe how quickly we got retouched images!!! Highly recommended. #teamjomalonelondon

Miss Adeline Pelletier review
Miss Adeline Pelletier

Charlie did a fantastic job. Great communication as well. Highly recommended!

Tara Ladds review
Tara Ladds

We want to express our deep gratitude to the photographer for the wonderful and professional pictures when discharged from the hospital. As always, the photographs are warm, from they directly feel that the birth of a new life has taken place! Further success to you and professional growth!

Charlotte Bryan review
Charlotte Bryan

The photo shooting of Christmas evening with my family allowed me to plunge into the magic and get beautiful pictures. Thanks to the photographer for his creative approach, interesting perspectives and artistic style! It was great to catch the mood, cheer, adjust to each family member and create a festive atmosphere.

Katie Carswell review
Katie Carswell

Thanks to the wedding photographer for their creativity and professionalism!!! Very light and laid-back atmosphere reigned during the filming of the solemn ceremony and the festive banquet! The photos were just wonderful! You did everything that we wanted!

Dan Supple review
Dan Supple

We ordered subject photography because it was necessary to take a photo of 100 packages of cosmetic products. It turned out perfectly! The work was done efficiently and on time. Photographers of this service are very responsible and conscientious. Recommend.