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Current opportunities


  • To support the business as it embarks on the exciting next phase of its growth strategy, Splento needs to react in a structured manner to the operational issues in its Videography department.


  • Contract


  • London


  • Videography

Reports to:

  • Operations Manager/Head of Video


  • This is a key operational role within the Splento Videography department, to manage all aspects in order fulfilment processes efficiently and effectively, to deliver the final product on time and in accordance with Splento standards.


  • The successful candidate must continually review the performance and work quality of Videographers and Editors whilst assigning them to various sessions across the globe. They must identify and manage the opportunities for improvement and key operational risks within the Videography functions to ensure we exceed the expectations of our customers. The Videography Moderator will be responsible for filming and editing projects on a daily basis as the main editor/videographer.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Manage all Videography orders from receipt until final product delivery.
  • Provide communication between customers and Videographers/Editors throughout pre-production and post-production.
  • Manage and oversee all technical aspects of video recording and editing. 
  • Quality Assurance of RAW footage from Videographers and completed drafts from Editors.
  • Allocation of Videographers and Editors to all upcoming sessions in accordance with the customer’s requirements.
  • On boarding of Videographers and Editors.
  • Build and manage teams of freelancers (Videographers and Photographers).
  • Arranging Masterclass sessions to maintain the Splento quality standards.
  • Capture high quality video.
  • Edit videos to high standards.
  • Briefing preparations.
  • Manage the Splento video database.
  • Work both on and off-site.
  • Customer Support.
  • Prepare and maintain Quality Benchmarks
Skills and experience:

  • BA/BS or similar degree.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience as Videographer and Video Editor.
  • Experience of using video and editing equipment.
  • Fundamental Knowledge of Videography rules, theory and methods.
  • Proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Audition.

Personal Qualities:

  • Strong organisational skills.
  • Good time-management skills.
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Creative thinker.
  • Customer oriented.
  • A keen eye for detail and a critical mind.
  • Creativity and a passionate interest in film and video editing.
  • The ability to listen to others and to work well as part of a team.
  • A high level of self-motivation, commitment and dedication.
  • The ability to work under pressure and to deadlines.

  • Competitive
Working hours:

  • 40 hours per week

We are looking for a dynamic, well-organised and energetic person for an exciting new role to be based in London, UK. 

We need a talented Head of Videography who can take on the challenge of successfully running this vital, fast growing department within our organisation.

You will be responsible for managing the full end-to-end process of all videography creation for Splento clients.  This will include organising filming, editing and coordinating production - as well as working with and developing relationships with corporate clients to further the mission, vision and strategy of Splento.

Whilst holding ultimate responsibility for the Videography Department and the success of its day to day workflow, it is also essential that you can integrate with the Splento team, working in a cross-functional environment and with mutual respect.

Role Responsibilities:

You will be:

  • Responsible for the ongoing control and prioritisation in production of industry-leading corporate video content that is customer focused – all the while supporting the growth, sales and performance of Splento.

  • Capable of industry leading storytelling through advanced videography and post-production editing skillset

  • Create and follow comprehensive standards and processes for highest quality pre-production, in-house, on-location and post-production experience.

  • Effectively lead your team, providing mentoring, coaching, development and performance management for them.

  • Create and implement Splento’s video production Quality Control and Quality Assurance systems, whilst employing feedback implementation to videographers and video editors.

At the same time, you will also need to:

  • Work in a fast-paced environment across multiple projects and timelines, independently and within the team. Problem solve quickly, see the big picture (while knowing the details), be able to prioritise, communicate and call to action with clarity and speed.

  • Align with Operations, Sales, Marketing and Product teams to establish objectives and long-term production plans.

  • Apply corporate organizational understanding and business knowledge to establish and foster relationships with key stakeholders and customers both internally and externally.

  • Identify process improvements or new processes by remaining current on industry trends, market activities, and competitors

Possessing strong problem-solving skills, you will need to explore unfamiliar and non-traditional sources for solutions to problems.

A can-do attitude and the drive to go the extra mile is essential.  At Splento, we are never can’t do.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in film, advertising, communications, design, or equivalent experience.

  • Excellent working knowledge of all aspects of video production including lighting, audio, camerawork, editing, and graphics in both live broadcasts and pre-recorded content. 

  • Thorough working knowledge of videography terms, rights management, techniques, and art direction. 

  • Previous experience working in creative traffic management, e-commerce photo/video or 3+ years of creative experience working at agencies or for large global brands.

  • Flexibility and acumen to manage multiple projects, schedules and deadlines in a fast-paced corporate environment.

  • Ability to work effectively on a global team in global time zones with multiple internal and external clients across countries.

  • Excellent written, verbal and analytical skills.

  • High quality administrative, project management, customer service and organizational skills with an ability to proactively forecast and plan.

Work standards:


• Develop and maintain an in‐depth knowledge of Splento.

• Develop innovative and creative ideas for improving videography process & quality assurance.

• Follow communication procedures, guidelines and policies.


• All work will be quantified when possible.

• All company information to be held strictly confidential.

• All work‐related calls will be picked up within three rings and, if missed, will be returned within two hours whenever possible, and within one business day at the latest.

• All work will be performed in accordance with our Core & Aspirational Values.

• Immediate manager will be notified of any issues that cannot be resolved, or deadlines that cannot be met, within a reasonable time frame (24 hours or sooner), and before the deadline has arrived.

• When colleagues do something right ‐ compliment. When they do something wrong ‐ openly discuss with them.

• Never engage in company politics (ie. when people choose their words and actions based on how they want others to react rather than based on what they really think).


To provide positive customer experience and enhance relationships between consumers and Splento.

OBJECTIVE: Provide great customer support service

Key Results (KR):

KR1: Trustpilot Reviews 9.7

KR2: Write and implement Customer Support Handbook

KR3: Conduct and Implement Post Mortems System

KR4: Reply within 3 rings to all incoming calls

KR5: Reply within 1 hour to all incoming emails




  • Communicate customer feedback to technical, marketing and management teams in order to develop processes for better serving customers.

  • Prepare templates for routine customer correspondence for future optimisation

  • Assist in training peers on improving customer support service

  • Develop and maintain in-depth product knowledge

  • Follow communication procedures, guidelines and policies


  • Manage incoming calls, emails and customer requests

  • Issue refunds or compensation to customers

  • Update Customer Support Handbook regularly

  • Handle customer complaints (from clients not assigned to specific Sales Executives), provide appropriate solutions and alternatives within the time limits; follow up to ensure resolution

  • Keep records of customer interactions on CRM

  • Assist directly or route customers to the appropriate personnel for assistance

  • Conduct customer surveys about the company’s service so as to obtain feedback

  • Maintain weekly reports on customer inquiries, responses and feedback so as to develop customer service analytics and trends

  • Reply to all the customer reviews on Trustpilot.

  • Assist with proof-reading for social media channels  

  • Assist with Live Tweets for large conferences when necessary


  • Friendly and approachable

  • Experienced in Customer Service, either in a face to face or office-based role

  • Extremely organised with a high level of attention to detail

  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and work under pressure to meet strict deadlines with a positive can-do attitude

  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal

  • Self-motivation and drive, with the ability to work on your own initiative

  • Adaptable and with the ability to manage your own workload and prioritise your tasks

  • Confident and happy to work as part of a team in a fast-paced environment

If you think you've got the right attitude and energy for a fast-paced and progressive start-up like ours, we'd love to hear from you.

Splento Sales Representative

Working from home & out of home. Nationwide


We live in a very visual world, with billions of photos and videos being uploaded online daily.

Yet, it’s just as difficult (and expensive!) to get professional photos and videos done and delivered, as it was 100 years ago.

Tens of millions of businesses around the world have to pay an arm and a leg to get their events, products, properties, food, teams photographed or professionally recorded on video and they then have to wait for months to get them.

We are on a mission to reinvent the photography and videography industry through technology and we are looking for like-minded superheroes to help us build the World’s Largest Professional Visual Content Creation Company, or as we call it - the #VisualFuel Major.


We are a very peculiar bunch of people who are incredibly passionate about what we do. Before applying, please carefully read through our Values to make sure we are a good fit culturally.


We measure our contribution by the results we bring, not by the work we do. The results you will be delivering will contribute directly to the achievement of our mission.

You will be reaching out and acquiring an ever-larger base of business clients in your area who shall turn to Splento to get high-quality professional photography and videography done around the world on a recurring basis.


  • Understand prospect needs and problems

  • Demonstrate potential return on investment

  • Have subject matter expertise

  • Rapport Building on the Call

  • Active Listening

  • Time Management

  • Post-Sale Relationship Management

  • Communicate Succinctly

  • CRM Skills

  • Perseverance and Grit

  • Confidence

  • Self-motivation


A very bright future with a lot of learning, exciting challenges, autonomy & self-discipline and a lot more!

We are rapidly expanding our Growth Team, but we don’t need salespeople. Instead, we need people who want to, know how to and are willing to make a lot of money for themselves and for Splento.

A logical question is: if you know how to make a lot of money, why wouldn’t you work for yourself?

Because with our brand, processes, technology and team we can multiply your efforts!  

If you are ready to join a fast-growing group of like-minded people who come to work every day to make the world and themselves better, then let’s talk!

If your goal is to become an entrepreneur one day, you’ll have to spend 4-10 years on your own learning the entrepreneurial ropes, before you get to a meaningful understanding of how to build a world-leading company. With us, you can learn it in a couple of years.

In fact, as soon as you generate £1m in revenue for Splento, we’ll actively encourage you to start thinking about launching your own business, we’ll help you learn additional skills to understand more about what running a business is like, we’ll help you find technical co-founders and set you on the right path to search for an idea.

On top of that - we’ll fund your startup.

But first things first - show us that you know how to sell!


Your position agreement

OBJECTIVE: Increase Splento’s B2B revenues.

Key Results (KR):

KR1: Research for decision makers and their contact details;

KR2: Perform cold calls and uphold activity ratios;

KR3: Schedule demonstrations;

KR4: Record all client communication on a CRM platform;

KR5: Maintain a visible pipeline and a KPI dashboard;

KR6: Hold a weekly sales meeting with management.


  • Number of outbound calls performed

  • Number of discovery conversations undertaken

  • Amount of new revenue signed



  • Develop and maintain in‐depth Splento knowledge;

  • Develop innovative and creative ideas for improving the sales process;

  • Follow communication procedures, guidelines and policies.


  • Be hungry to get on the phone or face-to-face with your potential client;

  • Treat potential clients like people who have a genuine interest in your product;

  • Be an excellent listener and do not talk over your potential client.


  • All work will be quantified when possible

  • All company information to be held strictly confidential

  • All work‐related calls will be picked up within three rings and, if missed, will be returned within two hours whenever possible, and within one business day at the latest.

  • All work will be performed according to with our Core & Aspirational Values

  • Immediate manager will be notified of any issues that cannot be resolved, or deadlines that cannot be met, within a reasonable time frame (24 hours or sooner), and before the deadline has arrived.

  • When colleagues do something right ‐ compliment. When they do something wrong ‐ openly discuss with them.

  • Never engage in company politics (Company Politics is when people choose their words and actions based on how they want others to react rather than based on what they really think).

Position specific:

  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications and establishing personal networks

  • Benchmark state‐of‐the‐art practices and participate in professional societies

  • Identify process improvements or new processes by remaining current on industry trends, market activities, and competitors