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A professional
food photographer
in your pocket 

Cut your photography costs by up to 90% by using our AI solution
Easy API integration and management 


Easy integrated solution

Best merchant experience. Save up to 90% costs 

- AI guide to shooting like a Pro. Even for beginners
- Auto resizing, renaming, cropping,  professional retouching with your guidelines
- Manage approval, reduce rejections, cut manual work 

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Food recognition and Pro guidance for the perfect shot

Display your burgers, pizzas, bowls, and any other dishes at their best mouthwatering angle.

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Use Pro hints from 10,000 Splento photographers

AI-powered guide, and layouts for best image composition, angle, lighting, and background

Auto resizing, renaming, and cropping

Easy solution for best merchants experience

Pro retouching for any guidelines

Professional retouching
24 hour turnaround 

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Manage approval, reduce rejections, and cut manual work

Use Splento AI Approval prediction and rejection reasons for quick and effective communication

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what restaurants are saying

Easy, flexible, perfect

"I am not professional, but I don't want to waste food on photography.
I was searching for easy guidance and I got it from Splento."

Tim, restaurant owner 

All these amazing photos are made with the Food Photography App

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