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Frequently Asked Questions

Important FAQ about Booking
How do I pick a photographer?

We don't offer the ability to browse photographers to select one for your photosession. We offer on-demand service and have no way to guarantee a certain photographer will be available. However, you can rest assured that all our photographers are equally experienced and qualified and there is no difference in the level of service you will receive from any of them.

Can I re-book the same Splento photographer?

Absolutely! After your photo-session with any Splento photographer, you can re-book future photo-sessions with the same photographer.

Keep in mind, however, we cannot guarantee that the same photographer will be able to arrive at your required date or within four hours next time. So if you want a seamless experience and a photographer as soon as possible, we suggest you book a Splento photo-session on-demand and let us provide you with the closest available photographer. They are all experienced and amazing professionals!

Is it okay for me to book for next time directly with a photographer instead of going through Splento?

We strongly encourage our clients to use Splento exclusively for all of their photography needs. The best kept secret in the photography industry is that a third of photographers' time is spent searching for and managing clients. Another third - retouching photos and only a tiny fraction of their time is spent doing the work they love - photographing clients.

By taking client acquisition and photo retouching out of the equation for photographers - we can offer considerably cheaper prices to clients and keep photographers happier. By booking outside of Splento with the same photographer - you will pay double or triple rates for the same service and there is no guarantee you will get your photos within 48 hours..

You are in London, I’m based The Kingdom of Far Far Away. Can I still book with Splento?

We currently serve London, but have undertaken work all over England, Scotland and Wales. If you require Splento PRO package - please get in touch and we’ll be able to get a photographer for you.

If it’s abroad - still get in touch :) We are expanding fast and who knows - by the time you need our services we may be active in your neck of the woods.

What are Splento’s hours of operation?

Splento offers photographers 7 days a week from 8am am to 10pm. These hours refer to first and last available appointment start times.

What is Splento’s Cancellation Policy?

Once a bookings is made, you are notified via e-mail. When an available photographer is attached to your request, you will receive a booking confirmation notice. We understand that plans can change, so please see our rescheduling and cancellation policies below:

  • You can cancel or reschedule your appointment up to one day before the photo-session time with no penalty.
  • If you reschedule with less than 24 hour’s notice prior to the photo-session, we charge a £25 fee.
  • If you cancel with less than 24 hour’s notice prior to the photo-session, we charge £35 fee.
  • If you reschedule with less than 4 (four) hours prior to the appointment, we charge £50 fee.
  • If you cancel with less than 4 (four) hours prior to the appointment, we charge the full amount of the photo-session.

We put these cancellation policies in place to protect our photographers, as they lose income when cancellations occur, and need to receive compensation for time they have set aside.

Can I hire multiple photographers?

Sure thing! Just choose two photographers when making your bookings.

General FAQ
How does Splento Work?

Splento allows you to book a carefully vetted professional photographer with as little as four hours’ notice. We match your photography request with the best photographer who specializes in that type of photography, based on location and availability. All of our photographers are excellent and guaranteed to capture your splendid mementos in the best possible way!

How does Splento vet the photographers on its platform?

We’re very careful about the photographers we select to join the Splento network. We interview all of our photographers in person and make sure they are fully qualified in their area of expertise. We accept only the highest quality photographers with a history of excellence in customer satisfaction. In return, we expect all clients to reciprocate the same level of respect and conduct.

How can I get in touch with the photographer?

Once your booking is confirmed (paid), you will receive the contact details of your photographer. Also your photographer will usually contact you shortly after the booking is confirmed, to discuss about your requirements in detail.

I am having trouble downloading my photos, what do I do?

Not to worry! Please get in touch with us by using contact details on the contact page and we will immediately fix the issue.

How do I know when my photos will arrive?

At Splento we guarantee your beautiful photos will arrive within 48hrs.

How do I know if my payment went through?

You will see your payment confirmation on the page, once payment went through and in addition, you will receive a confirmation email. Just to make sure.

Users FAQ
How do I contact Splento?

Please go to Contact section ( on our website. We would love to hear from you!

How do I join Splento team?

Please drop us a line at

I forgot my password - how do i reset it?

To reset your password, please click Forgot Password on our login page and type in the email address you used to sign up for Splento. Instructions on how to reset your password will be sent via email.

How do I change my account information?

You can always update your contact information at anytime. Simply log on to your account and click the appropriate tab.