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Virtual events highlights

Expertly edited video highlights with same day delivery!

Creating lasting virtual mementos

Sharing the buzz from your virtual event has never been easier! 

Whether you’re hosting a virtual roundtable discussion, organising an online conference or a simple fireside chat, we have professional video editors available on demand. 

Splento’s event highlights service has got you covered from 30 seconds highlights through to a full length professional edit. With unique packages, at the touch of a button skillfully edited video highlights are delivered on average within 24 hours, but can be delivered the same day - if needed, to enable your marketing team to share amazing videos on the day of your online event to get the maximum impact

Simply enter the requirements of your highlights and we’ll take care of the rest right away!

And yes, what you read in the media is correct. You can get your first soundbite video with us absolutely free of charge

Captivate with your FREE 30 second soundbite

Host your memorable event and cultivate lasting relationships.

Professional highlights on-demand

Highlights to last forever.

Share your virtual event footage with us and we will create memorable highlights for you. You can choose from 15-30 seconds, 1-3 minutes or 5-7 minutes. Check out an example from our very own hour long roundtable discussion. 

Let your panelists shine.

Whether you have 1 or 5 panelists, your professional editor will shine the spot light on them for 30 seconds up to 3 minutes. You decide, the way you tell your story online can make all difference. 

Full length feature. 

For those in your community who do not want to miss a beat, however the audio and lighting needs polishing and not to forget, removal of as many dreaded ums and ahs as possible, a full length highlight is what we can deliver. 

Make a booking.

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Or maybe you have a mission to share with the world. Whatever it is, through your online event highlights we can help you achieve it! 

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Anandhi review

Excellent service! Thanks very much

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Michael Boylan

Excellent service all round!

Howard Brecker review
Howard Brecker

Great photos and Excellent photographer

Jagdeep Cheema review
Jagdeep Cheema

Great service, would use again. Our photographer was amazing and made our day more special.

Anne Sheaf review
Anne Sheaf

Brilliant Photographs From my own experience, Splento was brilliant. From first getting in touch to my actual birthday party, they were efficient and easy to deal with.

Claire Ray review
Claire Ray

Just brilliant from start to finish, will definitely use again.

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