Food Photography App FAQs: Restaurants and Delivery

Find Splento Food Photography App FAQs for Restaurants and Delivery here.

Splento Food Photography App

Splento Food Photography App specialises in helping restaurants and delivery services get great pictures of food for their hungry customers. Take a look at these FAQs to help get you started.

How does the app actually work?

All you need to do is send your restaurants/merchants an email with a link to download our app and a short alphanumeric code, which will be entered on the app home screen.

After your users enter the code - all images they take inside the app will be sent to your Enterprise Console, where you or our creative team can approve or reject photos.

With a few simple hints, our app will help your users take correctly composed photos and our AI and editors will then rename, resize and retouch photos to look professional.

All approved photos can then be downloaded or sent directly to your CRM/ERP ready to go live.

Can restaurant owners and chefs really take great photos?

Capturing a great food photo may sound like a hard job, but it actually consists of only a handful of steps. If you get those steps right, then our AI and post-production will magically transform an “OK looking DIY photo” into “a delicious looking one”. Better imagery will help you generate up to 30% more revenue. 

What makes Splento Food Photography App photos look great?

It’s a mix of several things. The app helps restaurants get the food composition and angle right, ensures there is sufficient light, and that the photos are not blurry. Once these basics are in place, it makes it very easy for us to improve the photos in the post-production stage.

Some dishes look great on certain backgrounds, so if the table and background leave much to be desired, we’ll replace the background with the best option. If the original background works well, we’ll keep it and simply improve other elements of the shot.

But we all know how busy restaurant owners are. Will they actually use it?

The app was designed to meet the needs of the entire food delivery ecosystem, which incudes restaurant owners.  In fact, we conducted hundreds of surveys and in-depth interviews with restaurant owners. Take a look at why we should all become food photographers here:

Your guidelines are great, but can we use our own guidelines instead?

Yes. Our guidelines and in-app guidance are very similar to most food delivery companies’ guidelines. We have 200+ photo guides for each dish group, including thousands of small hints and examples. Our API currently supports 16x9, 1:1 image ratios, and 21 layouts for hero images. However, everything is customisable in our API and there’s an option for you to edit/change guidelines on the app level.

What is the turnaround time from restaurant photo submission to the edited image being ready to go live?

At the moment the average turnaround time is 2 hours. But we are constantly improving our tech and processes. Within 12 months we are looking to make turnaround instant.

Very few of our restaurant owners speak English. Can we have the app in a language other than English?

Yes, you can have any language you want. We need two week’s notice to translate, proofread, integrate, and test any new language option. We are always rolling out new language versions - so your preferred choice may already be available.

We don’t just do Food Delivery. A large part of our revenue comes from grocery stores. Can the app help on that front?

Yes, the app can help with both food and grocery delivery.

Most restaurant owners have Android phones. Do you support those?

Yes, the app works on both the Android and iOS platforms.

There is an option to send feedback to users detailing why their photos have been rejected. Would less tech-savvy restaurant owners understand these reasons?

Photo submission feedback is one of the top feature requests that restaurants asked for. They felt disappointed with the lack of communication regarding their user-generated photos. So we have built a very simple solution that addresses it, but of course, there will be some users who will not fully understand what “too blurry” or “wrong composition” means. However, our experience shows that at every restaurant or grocery store there is always a younger team member who can fully grasp what is required and will shoot (or reshoot) correctly.

We are planning to offer our merchants a one-stop-shop seamless experience, where they will handle everything through the merchant app, including photography. Can we integrate your technology into our own merchant/restaurant app?

Yes, we have an SDK and API. After the initial trial - if you want - you can integrate our solution inside your own merchant app via an SDK and API.

For us it’s not just about the quality of the photo, it’s also about image size, resolution, file format and name. How do you handle that?

Splento’s Food Photography App is more than an iOS/Android app that integrates clever AI. It is a fully functional Enterprise Console that allows you to approve and reject photos, see statistics, add and remove various team members, give permissions depending on seniority and departmental belonging, and so much more.

It also handles all the file formats, naming and sizing conventions, depending on your needs.

How are photos approved?

Our Food Delivery company console where all restaurant photo submissions edited by us get uploaded and stored.

Our creative team can approve the final versions and photos will then be automatically uploaded to your Food Delivery app. Or you can have your own team approve the photos before they go live. It’s up to you.

If our restaurants take the photos, who owns the copyright to images created via the app?

It’s up to you to decide. We can update the App’s Terms and Conditions to suit your decision. We can assign the Copyright to you or to your restaurants/merchants.

But usually whoever pays for the images owns the copyright.

Can we run a trial before we sign up?

Yes, we can offer you up to 200 restaurants for a free test.

These restaurants can submit anything from 1 up to 100 photos - it's up to you and them. This volume would give you a good idea of the solution effectiveness and benefits. Once the trial is over and you are happy with the results, we can discuss a wider rollout.

How much does it cost?

We offer a free, risk-free trial, so you can see the solution in action. This doesn’t require any tech integration from your side, all you need to do is engage your merchants so they download the app and start uploading photos.

After the trial: 

Our pricing is dependent on the volume of edited photos approved by you, but if the app is widely used by your merchants, you can save circa 90% on your current photography costs and earn around 30% extra revenues from better imagery that will accompany all your dishes. Please see the pricing in the brochure.

Download the app today and secure your risk free-trial.

Available for Apple and Android