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Wool Couture:  The e-commerce experience

Fireside chat with Claire Gelder 

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Discover Claire's thoughts on professional photography in your e-commerce business 

Let's talk e-commerce! 

It all began with picking up a crochet hook at the age of eight, to crafting becoming a tool for anxiety and depression then fast forward to 2016 and Wool Couture was born. Set a challenge by her partner, Ali, to start selling on Etsy saw Wool Couture's first sale the very next day. It certainly didn't stop there! 

Interested to discover more about:
- Running an e-commerce business (pre, during and post COVID-19)
- Entrepreneur mental health
- And the power of photography and videography?

It was time for a fireside chat! For 45 minutes Gemma Nevers, the voice of Splento and Claire Gelder, crafting extraordinaire shared first hand experiences and invaluable knowledge. 

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