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Welcome to Splento's world of edutainment!

The place where kids learn, keep engaged and socialise with friends through video - no need to download an app.

For when you need to educate and entertain your child

Have you struggled to keep your child engaged in the past? Do you have important work or tasks to be completed? Suffer with parent guilt?

We understand it can be difficult to find engaging relevant content that your child can immerse in independently. This is why we have created Splento's edutainment web app to keep your child edutained! 

Hit play and allow your child to discover diverse content from dynamic dance through to heartwarming history.  You will be able to find content that is age appropriate, safe and carefully curated for your child's enjoyment. The fun doesn't stop there. Not only will your child learn something new, but they also get to share with their friends and family so they can learn together.

Start using it now, no need to download or create an account!

Made with parents on the go in mind... our content is best viewed on mobile.

Delighted Customers

These lovely people already used Splento and are over the moon!

Anandhi review

Excellent service! Thanks very much

Michael Boylan review
Michael Boylan

Excellent service all round!

Howard Brecker review
Howard Brecker

Great photos and Excellent photographer

Jagdeep Cheema review
Jagdeep Cheema

Great service, would use again. Our photographer was amazing and made our day more special.

Anne Sheaf review
Anne Sheaf

Brilliant Photographs From my own experience, Splento was brilliant. From first getting in touch to my actual birthday party, they were efficient and easy to deal with.

Claire Ray review
Claire Ray

Just brilliant from start to finish, will definitely use again.

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