Food Delivery Industry’s Top 25 CMOs


“Build it and they will come” is a mirage. You can have the best product in the world, but unless people hear about it – they won’t come!

In our previous two posts, we looked at CEOs and COOs that drive TOP-25 Food Delivery companies forward. In this post, we look at the executives responsible for making sure that “they do actually come”, namely CMOs (chief marketing officers).

Why CMOs?

At Splento we have developed a food photography app that helps food delivery companies save up to 90% on food photography. This is extremely useful for their Operations Teams, who cumulatively spend tens of millions of dollars on professional photography each year worldwide.

However, in our journey to get to know food delivery companies better, we’ve also met the industry’s leading marketers and were impressed with their vision and drive! During our conversations with these experts, we realised that Splento’s food photography app could also be used by marketing teams.

With an app that helps anyone with a smartphone take professional quality food photos, by simply integrating its functionality into the food delivery companies’ apps (via an SDK), now it’s not just restaurants, but also customers who can take better quality photos of the food.


Well, these customers already do that – the only problem is that most user-generated photos are normally sub-par and nothing to write home about. An app that helps users choose the right angle, suggests hints and tips for ideal dish arrangement, shows examples and corrects main deficiencies – improves these user-generated photos markedly.

However, the proverbial secret sauce is something else altogether.

Enter the world of Social Media Listening.

Splento’s algorithms track all photos taken through the app on various resources all over the Web and as soon as an image is found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other resource – the marketers are informed of it and can react to these posts, thus generating more engagement.

The data – is the icing on the cake.

As they say: “Content is fire, social media is gasoline!” and with Splento’s food photography app – food delivery industry’s marketers have front seats to this bonfire night extravaganza.

However, let’s get back to our TOP-25 List. It isn’t actually 25 at all. In fact, 9 out of the 25 top food delivery companies don’t have a CMO.

Here are some other key takeaways about the industry:

  • All CMOs (but two) in the TOP-25 food delivery companies are male.
  • Their average tenure at the company is only 2.2 years and if it weren’t for the outlier from Yemeksepeti, Baris Sonmez – with 9 years at the company – the average would be even lower.
  • Some companies decipher CMO very differently. For instance, FoodPanda is actually actively searching for a Chief Makan Officer 🙂
TOP-25 CMOs in the food delivery industry

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