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Looking to sell your office or office space?  Sometimes it can be difficult to find someone looking for the exact type of office you have.  Maybe it’s too small, maybe it’s too big, maybe it’s in an unfamiliar spot.  If you find yourself in this situation, fret not.  There’s a multitude of ways you can promote your office for sale by using video and photo.  By creating visuals, you can let potential buyers see the kind of working environment your office has to offer.


How can property visuals help sell my office?

Unfortunately, selling your office isn’t always quite as straightforward as you may initially hope. Especially at the moment, there are an increased number of offices either on the market or about to be – as many companies are transforming themselves into remote, work-from-home workforces.

This means that there are a lot of other people out there who are in the same boat, dropping their offices into the mighty sea of property marketing.  By providing visuals, your office will stand out above the vast majority of the others and not be drowned out by all the extra competition.

Simply having an office to work in isn’t usually enough for employees to focus on their work.  Comfort in a quality office is important too and can help a worker stay set on their task at hand.  A gallery of photographs or even a video showcasing your property can show buyers exactly what they want to buy.  This can be particularly helpful at putting your office up for debate if it’s located in an unfamiliar spot or unappealing part of town, as the insides and practicality very often trump the location.

Furthermore, having visual content on your page is more attractive to clients.  Since we tend to firstly judge something based on appearance, immediate access to a picture can catch a buyer’s eye and makes them consider looking at the rest of the property details further.


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Video or photo?

The decision on how to showcase your office space is ultimately down to you, but to help you decide, here are a few strengths of each form:


Recording a video of your office is a great way to help people visualise using it themselves.  Since video is a long, fluid format, you can show a lot more of your office, walking around every nook and cranny your space has to offer.  Video also comes along with the bonus of audio, which could be a strength if your office is in a quiet location. 

You may even decide to include a voiceover to explain any details of the office the viewer might otherwise miss.

Video also gives a much clearer perception of layout and connection between principal areas, walking the viewer through one part of the interior and onto the next.

360 video, generated by systems such as Matterport, offers amazing flexibility and unprecedented control to the viewer to experience the property as if being there.


Since photographs are still, you can capture a greater amount of detail in each shot when compared to video.  You can also put together a collection of photographs for each room in the office, creating a well-organised gallery.  Photographs come with the added bonus of being less expensive, and any one picture can be removed from the gallery if so desired without having to re-edit the whole collection.


Should I hire a professional photographer/videographer to sell my office?

If you want to sell your office space fast, you should consider hiring a professional to capture your property as well as possible.  While you can easily take a few quick snaps to put up with your property, you might miss some key details, and your office might not look quite as appealing as it could. 

Professional photographers and videographers have both technical knowledge and experience to draw on, using both to highlight the key benefits of your property, emphasising the attractions and getting that much needed attention in an overcrowded market.

Professionals understand what will make your office space look great – and they also know what to avoid to make it look bad. In short – professional visual content makes your proposition look professional.

At Splento, we offer both a photography and videography service for selling properties.  If you’re interested, why not take a look at our portfolio of property photography and videography.

Selling your office may well be a challenge, especially at the moment, but with the help of the best visual content available, it doesn’t have to be impossible.  With the help of video and photography, you will be selling your office in no time.



  1. Why are visuals important for selling office spaces? Visuals are crucial as they create a first impression, highlighting key features and the potential of the space, thereby attracting potential buyers or renters more effectively than text descriptions alone.
  2. What type of visuals are most effective for office listings? High-quality photographs, 360-degree virtual tours, and well-produced videos are most effective. They provide a detailed and immersive view of the office space, helping potential clients visualize themselves in the environment.
  3. How can visuals impact the decision-making process of buyers? Engaging visuals can evoke emotions and help buyers visualize the practicality of the space for their needs, speeding up their decision-making process by offering a clearer understanding of the property.
  4. Can professional photography increase the value of office properties? Yes, professional photography can make your property more appealing, potentially increasing its perceived value and helping it stand out in competitive markets.
  5. What should be highlighted in visuals when marketing office spaces? Focus on lighting, space, key features like modern amenities, and unique design elements. Also, showcase common areas, parking facilities, and views if applicable.
  6. How often should visuals be updated for real estate listings? Visuals should be updated whenever significant changes are made to the property or to reflect seasonal changes, ensuring they accurately represent the current state of the office space.


The power of video as a marketing channel

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