Development model video for residential property Using video to market your new property


One of the many struggles when developing new properties is acquiring the interest of potential buyers, and sometimes funds.  When you have nothing but drawings and floor plans, it can be hard for customers to see quite what you envision.

That’s where model-based design comes into play, and videos can show your customers exactly what to expect.


What are model-based development videos?

Modelling, either CGI or physical, is often useful when designing new property.  The ability to see a 3D environment to scale can help with several things such as planning and development, but by also making use of development model video (videos filmed to explore and show what the developed property will look like), you can more easily market your upcoming property.


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How does it work?

Potential customers can watch videos of your developing property to see just how the final product will look.  If you’re building a block of apartments, you might decide to video a CGI model of the exterior and interior of an apartment.  A potential resident can view these videos and gather an understanding of what the building might look like, both outside and inside the apartment – what the floor plan is like, how big each room is, as well as the scale of the apartment as a whole.  Rather than making a decision on their interest based on looking at a set of floor plans, the apartments will be clearer to imagine, and buyers will be able to make a more informed judgement.


Choosing the right model type

Physical or CGI?  While physical models are cheaper and often easier to make, what you can show with them can be quite limited.  For an external view of your developing residential property, physical models can be easily filmed and show exactly what you need.  You can also easily take apart your model to capture images of different aspects of the property, something which tends to be trickier in CGI.  Where physical modelling falls short, however, is in catching more specific details such as furnishings or details in the building.

While CGI can be more expensive and tricky to work with at first, it can also be easier to film and more effective when done correctly.  CGI excels at showcasing interior designs, allowing you to capture more intricate details such as furnishings and details in the walls or ceiling, such as light fixtures.

CGI can be used to create a 3D virtual tour of a property that potential customers can walk through, even before physical building has begun.

Depending on the size of the property, filming a CGI model can also often help create more of a sense of scale when compared to physical models, meaning the view a potential resident has while watching the video will be more similar to the view they’d have if they were in the real building.


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The best of both worlds

It can sometimes be beneficial to utilise both modelling methods for your property.  If you’re looking at creating a property video for a long-term development model, starting with physical models is often inexpensive and easier to work with, giving you a quicker more basic film of your property. 

As your property is nearing completion and any necessary changes have been made, you can switch to CGI to benefit from the more detailed and to-scale interior views.  You might even choose to video a physical model for the exterior of your property, while using a CGI model of the interior.

Producing model videos to market developing residential properties can be an effective way at gaining interest from potential residents, and it can even be helpful to develop any areas in which you might see needs improving.  Although the process might seem a challenge, to begin with, the results are well worth it and can open your doorway into a world of new opportunities with buyers.


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