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When it comes to marketing your product, attractive product videography is essential.

According to a recent study, 93% of consumers state that visual appearance is the deciding factor in their decision-making when purchasing a product. As an e-commerce merchant, you are reliant upon imagery of your product to make the sale. As this is the main way your customers can view the product, it’s vital that your product looks amazing.

Your product videography will have a key role in the sales process and is a versatile touchstone for your marketing. It will not only be used on your eCommerce store, but in all of your marketing channels. Product videos can be used for your social media pages, PPC advertising, and Google Shopping, making your product video incredibly significant for your marketing campaign.

A core ingredient for delivering on your product video is to have the best product video background. Having attractive backgrounds for eCommerce and product videos is incredibly important as this can really elevate the look and feel of your advertisement from amateur to professional. If you are wondering how to choose the best background for a video, look no further. 


Shooting product backgrounds


Principles of using backgrounds in product videography

There are two categories for product videography – in-context and product only. In-context is used to show the product integrated into the consumer’s lifestyle, and the video will typically feature an actor using the product. 

Product-only, as the name suggests, focuses predominantly on the product, but can be accompanied by props for the purpose of stylisation. In both cases, choosing the right background is important as it will culminate in the overall aesthetic of the video. In product-only shoots, the background is arguably more important as the video is focalised on the product with little else to entertain the audience. Therefore, it’s important you choose the right background to help your product shine.

Before deciding on a background, it is important to define your brand so that you can convey this through your videography. The more clearly you define your brand, the easier it will be for you to select the right background.

When conducting your brand analysis to fit the creative brief, it will be important to consider your target market, how you would describe your brand, and your competitors. By really honing in on the demographic you want to reach and how you would like your product to be perceived, you can better identify the visuals you are trying to create.

A great way to get inspired for your video is using Pinterest – on this virtual bulletin board you can pin different images to help you visualise and create the aesthetic for your video. Once you have a sense of the mood, you can also produce your colour scheme, including the background.

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Guide to using a white background for product videography

If you are a newcomer to product videography or you want to make a predominantly functional video that can be used flexibly across your marketing channels we would recommend using a white background, as it provides the most adaptability. For instance, if you want to expand your business to other online retailers (for example, Amazon), many of them will require a pure white background. If you have a tight budget, stick to white as it will prove to be the most versatile.

White is also the most expedient background for continuity purposes, allowing you to provide multiple videos across your sites consistently. Also, if you have more than one product, rest assured that they will all look sharp against a white background; despite various shapes, colours and sizes. Perhaps the most persuasive reason for choosing a white background is that it makes your product stand out vibrantly against the unassuming backdrop.  Another advantage of a white background is that it can be easily edited on Photoshop, making it useful to use when you’re unsure of which creative direction to go in.

For the perfect white background, we recommend using a sweep.

Even if you do have a white wall to shoot against, the camera will pick up on small blemishes and imperfections. What looks fine to the naked eye will become magnified on camera. For your product video, you should use a sweep. A sweep is a large, solid-coloured, flexible sheet used for videography. You place the sweep flat on a surface, place the product on top of the sweep, and the sweep curves up behind it to form a background, without folds or creases. This is superior to shooting against a white wall as it creates a seamless backdrop. Instead of placing the product on top of the sweep, you can also hang the roll behind the product to film. This method is so easy and inexpensive that you will be amazed at how well your video turns out.


Product photo backgrounds


Choosing a background for your product video

While white is the most simple and easy background to opt for, it has drawn some criticism from videographers and content creators who think filming on white isn’t enough anymore. When it comes to product video backgrounds, it might be beneficial for you to choose a more rich background – if it aids in the storytelling of your product. 

The background provides the context for your video and of course, this widely varies depending on your product and its function. Here are some of our background ideas for different styles of branding.

Solid Colour

A white background using sweeps is classic, but to elevate the appearance of the video try using a coloured sweep. If you don’t want your video to be bland, but you don’t want your product to compete with the background either, consider using a coloured sheet of paper as the backdrop. The colour will be attention-grabbing, but won’t detract from the brilliance of your product either.


Backgrounds for product photos



A marble style background is visual shorthand for elegance. If you’re marketing a luxury product, marble is a definite signifier of classiness. A sleek, solid black background is also a nice way to indicate luxury, but depending on the vibe you’re going for, it may be too dark.

Office / Place of use

If you have a product that is designed to be used in a working environment consider shooting in an office or another appropriate location. This clearly and concisely conveys the purpose of the product to the consumer, and mentally puts them in the environment of the product.


If your branding incorporates themes of adventure, rustic living, eco-friendliness, or natural and organic ingredients, then shooting in the great outdoors should be a serious contender. Natural elements like logs, a mossy environment, trees or even slate, will immediately create natural connotations in your product storytelling. 


If your target demographic is women, then a floral background is a charming way to create a romantic mise-en-scène. Floral backgrounds are a great pick for marketing feminine products like cosmetics and perfume.  

Now that you’ve got your creative juices flowing with some useful product videography background ideas you can create your best product video yet.


Rather than shoot your products yourself – either if you have so many it will take you forever or if you lack equipment and experience – then there are plenty of alternatives available for you.

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