The photographers dress code: event, outdoor and studio What to wear and when to wear it


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Photographer dress code

One of the best things about being a photographer is the freedom. You’re likely a free spirit and part of the appeal of the profession for you is the fact that you’re not chained to a desk 9-to-5 and you don’t have to wear a suit and jacket. However, dressing to impress is still important for professionalism and meeting your clients’ expectations. Without experience, it is difficult to know what the appropriate photographer’s dressing style is. 

In this post, we will be discussing professional photography clothing – everything from the ideal summer wedding photographer outfit to what to wear on an outdoor shoot, whether it’s the male photographer attire or a female photographer outfit you need to know about. In this article we will look at:


Photographer indoor and outdoor dress code


Event photographer dress code

When you’re working events, a photographer’s outfit and dress code are more important than for other types of photoshoots, as you want to appear professional and blend in. However, you are there as a photographer to work, and not to relax like the other guests, so it’s also important to dress comfortably.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that if you do a lot of event work, a smarter shirt with your business name and logo embroidered on can be both a smart and a subtle form of advertising. A ‘uniform’ approach such as this allows you to blend in and also explain your presence. Stick with white or subtle pastel colours – you don’t want to stand out!


Wedding photographer dress code

It can be difficult to know how to dress for a wedding, especially if it is a very formal occasion where the guests are wearing morning suits, tailored men’s pants or even black tie. In general, photographers are not expected to dress up too much, and wearing smart clothes is acceptable. If you’re very unsure, we would suggest consulting with the clients who will give you their expectations for how you should dress.


Female wedding photographer dress code

For female wedding photographers, we would suggest either wearing a blouse and trousers, so that you look the part of the wedding photographer, and can move freely and comfortably. If you do decide to wear a dress or skirt, make sure it is long enough that you feel comfortable if you have to squat to shoot from a lower angle. Unless you’re very comfortable wearing high heels, we would recommend you wear flats or a shoe with low heels for comfort. 

If it’s cold, pair your outfit with a blazer or long-line wool coat. If it’s a summer wedding, opt for lightweight pieces such as a loose-fitting blouse with linen trousers, or a floaty maxi dress.


Male wedding photographer dress code

For a male photographer, we would suggest wearing trousers and a formal shirt. This should be both formal and yet comfortable enough for you to shoot in. If you want to be an event photographer, we would suggest investing in black leather shoes, as they can be worn at any event. 

If it’s cold, you should wear a suit jacket or smart coat. If it’s a summer wedding, wearing a linen or seersucker suit is a good option to remain both formal, and temperature-controlled.


Casual events dress code

If an event is casual, this is the least cause for concern, clothing-wise, as you can pretty much getting away with wearing what you want. If the event calls for smart-casual clothing, we would recommend mixing formal and casual elements; for example, pairing a dress shirt or blouse with jeans, or a t-shirt with trousers. 


Outdoor photography dress code

When shooting outdoors, it is important to dress practically for comfort and wellbeing, with special consideration towards the weather. Many people underestimate the stamina photography requires. Transporting heavy camera gear, handling heavy cameras, and grappling with light stands, and getting on the ground to find the right angle takes its toll. This is why it’s very important to dress for comfort and functionality so you can do your job properly.


Comfortable shoes

Footwear is particularly important. Outdoor shoots can be very tiring – being on your feet for hours can make your body and feet ache. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes, especially if you are on a long, outdoor shoot. If possible, female photographers should avoid wearing heels, as this can be very tiring.

Your shoes should be suitable for the terrain. Comfortable, supportive trainers are a good shoe choice for outdoor photoshoots. If you’re shooting outdoors in a muddy area, you should wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty, or opt for a well-fitting pair of wellington boots. If you’re shooting in a heavily populated area, avoid wearing open-toed shoes, as someone might tread on your foot by mistake.


Dress for the weather

Dressing for the weather is incredibly important, as you can’t do your job properly if you’re suffering from heat exhaustion, or you’re freezing. 

If you’re shooting on a sunny day, make sure you are covered by clothing as much as possible to prevent getting sunburnt and carry sunglasses and a cap with you. If it’s hot, make sure you are wearing cool, lightweight clothing. In addition to dressing properly, you should also stay hydrated, so carry a water bottle. 

If you’re shooting in the rain, make sure you are wearing waterproof clothing to avoid getting drenched. Wearing a raincoat with a hood, and wellingtons are particularly important. You never know when it’s going to spontaneously rain, so it’s a good idea to carry a rain mac on your person at all times. And don’t forget water-protectives for your camera gear as well!

If the weather is cold, dress appropriately in warm clothing – coats, scarves, hats, and gloves should be worn if it’s a very cold day for your outdoor shoot.


Photographer dress code


Loose clothing

As well as dressing with temperature and terrain in mind, you should also consider flexibility. As a photographer, you never know when you have to squeeze into a tight space to get the right shot, or squat to get the right angle. Therefore, it’s a good idea to wear clothes which you can move freely in and won’t cause you discomfort.


Studio photography dress code

If you’re shooting in a photography studio, this is the place to express yourself through clothing, if that’s important to you. As you’re not at a client’s event or shooting outdoors, you can dress according to your personal style, more than to other circumstances. Shooting in the studio is the perfect place to show off your personal style and creativity through dress. 


Now that you know exactly what to wear for every situation, you will be the best-dressed photographer around.

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