8 Reasons why your corporate event needs a videographer Add impact to your event marketing - now and in the future


Corporate event videography is a must-have for your next event. If you’re not already utilising event videography services, then it’s time to start. If you haven’t considered an event videographer for your next corporate event, whether it’s a conference, networking, or a party, you’re missing out on all the positive impacts of video for your business.  

Looking at event videography tips might be useful, but by not pursuing a corporate videographer for your next event, you are not reaching the full potential that the video production could give you.

Here are 8 top reasons (there are others) why you should consider a professional event videographer for your next corporate event.

Improve your company’s brand image

What better way to show your brand personality than with video? Videography is a versatile and creative medium that has the potential to express your brand personality, as well as your values and company culture, both to prospective clients and future employees. Your next corporate event is the perfect opportunity for a promotional video production to show your company’s personality, and refresh and upscale your branding. Video is extremely marketable in today’s increasingly mobile world. Video is the perfect medium to use across your marketing channels, including social media.

Use your event video as part of your future marketing materials

Inevitably, you are going to host future events and you will need to create a stir to get attendees interested. Marketing your future events will be so much easier with a ready-made video from your past events. Take advantage of the opportunity when you have an event by filming it, so you can use it to engage attendees for future events.

Video for events


Engage attendees with your event video

The genius of corporate event videos is that they can be used effectively at every stage of your event marketing. Not only before events to generate interest and excitement, but also as part of your post-event engagement strategy to keep your attendees engaged after they’ve left the event.

A professional video tells a story

A corporate video event isn’t just about showing off your party planning prowess (although who wouldn’t want to show that off?) but a real chance to tell a story. Whether that’s about your company demonstrating their knowledge and products at a trade show, or the positive impact your company is making at a charity event, this is your opportunity to communicate your positive skills in a video and promote your company.  

Professional video reflects well on your business

With event costs piling up quickly, it can be tempting to cut costs and try and do videography in-house. However, if you don’t have a professional videographer to hand, it’s unlikely you will be impressed with the final cut – more importantly, your clients won’t be either.

The quality of the video reflects the quality of your business.

If the video is amateur, it sends the message to clients and competitors that your company is amateur. Maintain your high standards by going with a professional videographer who can create an engaging and concise video in high-definition and professionally recorded sound.

Professional videographers edit professionally

The quality of the video extends to the editing. While you might be able to get away with recording a video yourself, if you have a good camera, editing the video will still be a hurdle. Editing takes a lot of skill and professionals can easily edit your video to look amazing; taking the stress out of the equation for you. 

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A professional videographer stays out of the way

You’ve spent hours of time and energy planning for this party, and you want to go off without a hitch. One unforeseen consequence of getting an inexperienced, impromptu cameraman is that it can feel invasive. Even if it’s you or a colleague, you perhaps don’t appreciate the skill it takes to record a video and not get in the way – until you try it yourself. Experienced, professional videographers have developed the ability to blend into the background seamlessly, not get in the way, and still produce incredible shots.

A professional gets done on time

Finally, professional videographers get the job done on time. With the day-to-day stresses of business operations, the last thing you need is an incomplete video past the deadline. A serious professional will get your video filmed and edited by your deadline.


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