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The average person may assume that photography in bad weather will ruin their pictures. As a photographer, you know that there is no such thing as a bad scene to shoot. Bad weather photography can render some very artistic landscape shots if you know how to work with it. 

You might hate the rain and don’t actively seek to shoot outdoor photography in bad weather. Even so, it can be a lifeline to know how to take good photos in bad weather in case the weather turns on you when you’re not expecting it.

If you are wondering just how to photograph in bad weather, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss landscape photography tips for bad weather. 


Photographing bad weather


Have the right gear

Having the right gear improves the outcome of your shoot tenfold.

A camera that works well in low-light conditions

With bad weather comes poor lighting. For high-quality images, you will need a camera that has a wide dynamic range, able to handle low-light scenes. 

A good camera for photography in bad weather has a high ISO setting to cope with poor lighting. These tend to be full-frame cameras, which are also great cameras for landscape photography. However, there are many DSLRs on the market that are very sophisticated and can keep up with poor lighting.

Rain cover

You will want to keep your camera safe from water. You can buy waterproof rain covers for cameras and waterproof lens covers to keep your camera safe and dry. If you have to shoot in wet weather frequently, you may want to consider using a weather-sealed camera.

UV Filter

A UV filter is great to use for landscape photography as it protects your lens from the elements. It’s better for a filter to get wet and scratched than your actual lens.

Microfibre lens cloths

You’ll want to have a few of these in your kit to wipe your camera lens dry between shots.

A tripod

You can shoot freehand if you prefer, but the stabilisation a tripod offers greatly helps to improve the sharpness of your photos. If you’re using a tripod, bear in mind that you will need a heavy and sturdy tripod that can withstand the wind.

A prime lens 

A prime can be beneficial for photography in bad weather. The fixed focal length and wide aperture help to capture the detail of the scene.

A telephoto lens

A telephoto lens can be a great addition to your kit when shooting outdoors in bad weather. It allows you to shoot from a distance and remain sheltered.

A raincoat and suitable clothing

 Don’t forget about weatherproofing yourself too. Long shoots in bad weather can become unbearable if you’re not properly dressed, so wear rain-proof clothes and shoes. 


Bad weather photography


Shoot in Manual Mode

You should shoot in Manual Mode for more creative control over your photography. To capture the beauty of the landscape and all of its details, Manual Mode will allow you to leverage the perfect exposure. You should also shoot in RAW to preserve all of the image data; JPEG will compress the file, lose some of the data, and make the image harder to edit.


Use a closed aperture

Keeping a closed aperture is recommended for landscape photography. Attaining a larger depth of field keeps the subject of the photo sharp and precise, with both the foreground and background in focus. 


Composition is everything

When it comes to landscape photography, composition is everything. It can be a pain to shoot in the bad weather, but remember that if your image lacks a good composition, your efforts will have been in vain. 

Consider how you will create balance in your photo. You can do this by creating symmetry, or by contrasting subjects within the frame so that the objects, colours and tones in the image hold the same visual mass. 

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