5 Killer Tips for Getting People to Share Your Event on Social Media


For event planners, social media is the must-have tool not only to represent your business and brand, but also to promote your events. Having your content promoted by others for free is something every social media marketer wants to achieve. The question is how to get your event trending and boost social sharing and interaction?

Below are five quick tips that could help you promote your event on social media.

1. Effective hashtags

Hash-tagging is a very powerful tool to set and control all the online conversations around your event. When it comes to creating your event’s hashtag, it does not necessarily need to represent the actual event’s name. However, it definitely should be unique, clear and memorable. It is important to mention, that a good hashtag might boost audience engagement not only before and during your event, but also after it.

2. More Information
When it comes to description of your event, the more information you give to your followers – the better. In social media it is easy to click on the wrong buttons, so make sure you double-checked all the details: time, city, venue. This might be also a great opportunity for you to tell people the story behind your event, including why it is important, how it all started and what your attendees should expect from it.

3. High-quality photography

At any big event or gathering, professional photographers should capture some images that give your audience an overall feel for the event. The better quality of photography is, the more chances your clients will use your service again. Of course, Splento, the leading platform for hiring professional photographers on demand, is ideally suited for it. Splento specialises in capturing the best moments and producing incredibly photos of your guests and fans; same photos you can use for future social media promotions. Event photography contains hundreds of categories and Splento have professional photographers who are well equipped for each of these and at £99 per hour – Splento is by far the most competitive offering in the market.

4. Regular Updates

Regular updating helps, but posting only self-promotional content will get you ignored by your followers. Engaging in conversations and interacting with the posts of others is the most effective method for building relationships with your readers and potential attendees of your event, as well as engaging in discussions and interacting with the posts of other people. People are more likely to share your content and interact with your posts if you do this.

5. Proper Timing

Timing strategies is something that the majority of social media marketers have been trying to master and develop for ages. It is not enough just to share some content via your social media channels, what matters is how to engage your fans to retweet and repost your content. Knowing when is the best time to post from your account or your event’s account (if you have one) depends on historic social media engagement, generated from your previous posts. There are numerous tools created to help you find the optimal time to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Most of them have similar functions and allow you to see when your posts or tweets perform the best.

Hopefully, these tips will help you boost social sharing for your next event, which will bring more clients to your company. Do you have any tips to add? Please share in the comments below, as we truly want to hear all about it!

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