5 Wedding Photo Secrets That You Should Know Capturing your perfect memories


After all the plans and preparations, the big day is finally – almost – here.

And with everything set to go wonderfully well, you want the best photos and video to catch it all, so you can look back in the future and enjoy the day all over again.

To help make those splendid mementoes even better, here are 5 photo secrets to help you get the best memories from your best day.

1. Remember to Relax – including your Face!

OK – So this sounds a little odd, being that it’s the happiest day of your life – but when you are having your photos taken, relax!

A wedding day is a long day and can be surprisingly tiring, plus you may find yourself trying to supervise all your plans and guests to keep things on schedule (although you really shouldn’t).

With all the smiling you are doing off-camera, you may find your face tightens up and even starts to ache.  Not the best image to capture for posterity!

When it comes to the wedding photos, run through a short face-relaxation first.  Close your eyes, relax all your facial muscles and slowly count to 3 breathing in through your nose; then another slow 3 count while you breathe out through your mouth.  Then open your eyes and smile.

Try it and see how it feels.  Now practice a few times to get the feel for it.  (It’s also a great trick to de-stress too, so you may not just be using it for the photos).

2. Use your good side.

Faces are not symmetrical, and many people prefer how one side looks compared to the other. If you know your good side, you will look and feel more confident offering it to the camera.

If this is you, then use it – and also let your photographer know which it is, so he can work with you.  If you feel more confident, it will show in the pictures.

If you’re not quite sure whether you have a better photo side, take a few snaps on your phone now and see if you have a preference.  Get someone else to take them though, as a ‘selfie’ will be taken from the wrong angle.

3. Review your Posture.

Nothing looks worse in a wedding photo than a slouched bride and groom.  

When you are posing for your photos, rely on the old posture rule – stand up tall, with your shoulders back and down.  You’re not in the military, so don’t make it a stiff pose (remember point 1 about being relaxed) but this will definitely make a difference to your pictures.

Doing this will make you appear a little taller and you will radiate confidence – another wedding photo winner.  Raised shoulders convey tension and the opposite is also true; drop them and you look more relaxed.

Next, don’t lock your arms and elbows – joints are designed to bend and look far more natural if they do.  And talking of arms – if you keep them slightly away from your body they will look a little thinner. Avoid the temptation to hold them tight to your body and don’t put your hands behind your back, as this has the same effect.

Spend 5 minutes in front of a mirror now to practice your pose.

4. Trust your Photographer.

They know what they are doing!

The best photos will come from you and your photographer working together, so don’t be afraid to communicate.  If you want a particular pose, scene or group, let them know.

In fact, communication is key to wedding photo success.  Photographers are not mind-readers and will welcome input from you about what you want to achieve.  But balance that with respect for the skills and experience that they are bringing to the day, which means listening to them as well; after all, communication is a two-way bridge.

You may want some of your photographs taken in a particular spot, or with a certain background, but if your photographer explains why they need to change things around a little (for lighting purposes, for example), then listen to them.  They know what makes for the best photo and they are working hard to achieve it.

Your photographer really does want to capture the best images for you, so trust them and allow them to.

5. Smile with your Eyes.

We’ve left this one until last to be sure you remember it.  And it’s another one for mirror practice.

When you smile, smile first with your eyes first and the rest of your face will follow.  Give it a go now.

A smile that starts in the eyes looks far more natural than one that starts with the mouth.  If you smile with your mouth first, your eyes don’t follow, and it looks false. Go ahead and try that now as well.

See the difference?  The camera will too.

So there you have it – follow the tips above and you will have a great set of wedding photos to enjoy for years to come.

Take 10 minutes now to practice a couple of techniques and it can make all the difference to your day.

Keep smiling!

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