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If you do a Google search for “5 great things to do in London” then you will get back an endless list of amazing life experiences, restaurants, days out, ideas and suggestions.

If you do a Google search for “5 great videographers in London” you will get a slightly short list back, but one still containing an incredibly wide choice.

(Combine these two lists if you want an amazing day out AND a brilliant way to remember it).

So how do you compare, select a short-list, and then choose your perfect videographer for your particular need?

Well – there are some great advice pieces elsewhere – try Hiring a London Videographer‘ to get you started, but here, we’re going to mention just two considerations, because they are both really important.

And then we’ll introduce you to 5 great videographers in London.


First – Watch their showreels

We can’t emphasise this enough – before choosing a videographer, watch some of their previous work.

Ask to see their showreel, or other previous work they have completed, as this will give you a feel for their style and level of professionalism.

A corporate event video needs a different feel, tone and experience from a wedding video. A short film differs from an advertisement.

The style of a video comes from expertly shooting the raw footage and then blending these shots together with music and other audio, graphics, and titles as required.

This is the editing done in post-production, where the colour palette, saturation, visual tones and any other visual alterations are also introduced.

The result after all this is the final video. The edit may be done either by the videographer or by an editor with whom they work.

The best way to see this is to stop now and watch some showreels from different videographers and you will quickly understand what we are describing here.


Second – Read customer reviews

Secondly, read some reviews on the videographer themselves, or (more likely) the company that you are booking them through.

This will give you an outside, objective overview of the professionalism, approach and overall experience of working with that particular person or business.

Reviews are easily found spread across the internet, of course, but to get accurate and useful insight, it’s usually best to look at dedicated review sites.

Fortunately, there are ones that specialise in areas of expertise such as video production and finding a review business that itself is highly recommended is always a good start.

A great example of this is clutch.co who themselves go above and beyond collecting client reviews, by interviewing each client in depth about their experience. So you get a whole lot more than just a star rating.

Read these reviews to see what we mean.


5 great videographers in London

So here we are – as promised your introduction to 5 great videographers currently working in London.

Each has their own style and areas of specialisation, so take a few minutes to watch and enjoy their showreels, which are all great examples of their skills.

For more information on any one of them, head over to Top 5 London Videographers for details.

And the really great thing about these talented people? You can hire any (or all) of them for less than you are thinking and simply with a couple of mouse clicks – go ahead, try it out for yourself here.


Sergej Novosad

Specialisation: Weddings, Corporate, Live Streaming, Music Videos, Advertisements, Commercial, Short Films

Pav Giuliani

Specialisation: Weddings, Corporate, Live Streaming, Music Videos, Advertisements, Commercial, Short Films


Khurum Khan

Specialisation: Weddings, Corporate, Commercial, Music Videos


Leon Birgers

Specialisation: Corporate, Event, Conference, Short Films, Wedding, Product Property, Festival, Drone, Music Videos, Advertisements/Commercial


Gerard Puigmal

Specialisation: Corporate, commercials, documentaries, events, fiction



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