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The Big Smoke. London has risen from its ashes to become one of the capital cities of the world and has along the way arguably become the capital city in the world of video production as well. As the demand for video rises, many new videographers are emerging to offer their services, so there has never been a better time to hire a London videographer’s exceptional services at affordable rates.


Why should you hire your videographer from London?

London houses some of the most professional and experienced videographers as well as video production companies to offer the finest services at surprisingly great rates. Having such rich talent, London is the hub of videography services in the United Kingdom. It’d be a shame if you lived in the UK and refused to hire a London videographer just to save a few pounds. In the corporate world, it’s better to hire big names in the industry to show you mean business, and of course, most of these big names are from (no surprise) London. 


Finding a videographer in London

If you’re sold on the idea of hiring your videographer from London but have no clue where to start, don’t worry we’re here to help. The best place to start your search would be to look up ‘London videographers for hire’  and that should get you plenty of results to then vet and select. If you’re worried about the expenses of hiring a London videographer, you can always look on freelancers websites with a focus on London. However, if you’re looking to go big for a corporate video, it’s best to contact London video production companies with a proven track record. Big clients and impressive work portfolios should have you swooning over them, and eager to hire immediately.  

Hiring a professional London videographer has never been easier!

Whatever your video requirements are, Splento has a local London videographer that’s perfect for you!

Instead of scaling our prices according to your booking, we have scaled our entire video production process instead, which means lower prices for everyone – and with no minimum order value!

With a price of just £149 per hour, including full editing and delivery within 48 hours – guaranteed – we know our services will fit your budget too.

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Video camera in London

How much do London videographers charge?

There’s no exact figure when it comes to London videographers. But with the number of options in London, we can guarantee that whatever your budget may be, there is definitely a videographer who will be willing to work around it. The factors that determine the cost of videography services include the type of video, duration of the video, extra services required, and of course who you hire. On average the London rates for videography usually range from around £300 to £1000 for a mid-range project. For more information, you can check out Splento’s blog on how much London videographers charge. 


What to look for in a London Videographer

Always vet your videographer before hiring them for your event or project. This process includes reading their reviews and ratings, going over their video portfolio, watching client testimonials and maybe even having a personal chat with them. This is to ascertain whether the videographer will be a good fit for your project and whether they will be easy to work with or an utter disaster. It’s best to determine these traits before the shoot to make sure the video isn’t driven to the ground on the day of filming. Discuss your creative brief with the videographer and ensure they have the necessary time and resources to support the project as well. 


If you want to create a video that truly impacts the audience and leaves them awe-struck, hiring a London videographer is the way to go. With talented professionals, technological advancements, and innovative techniques, London is an unstoppable force in the videography industry. If you’re looking to hire a London videographer with ease, check out Splento’s video portfolio. Splento creates professional and polished videos for any event in London for only £149 per hour. You can book online today and avoid being left behind. 


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