Video production for beginners Steps to creating your very first video


Today, anyone can be a videographer, even beginners, and it is possible to create a reasonable quality video production using just the resources you have available – even if you’re a novice. 

To help you get started we’ve put together the first steps to creating your very own video.

Whilst it may not turn out to be a cinematic award winner (at least, not on your first attempt), there is not reason you cannot get a good result yourself – just follow the steps below and above all – enjoy yourself!


Step 1: Plan your content

The content of your video is just as important as its quality. So the first step isn’t to pick up your camera and start recording but rather to plan your video in advance. Outline what the objective of the video is and who you are targeting with it. This will help you write your script or decide the shoot venue. We know most viral videos are the ones shot spontaneously, but let’s be honest – not every video turns into a ‘Charlie bit my finger’.


Step 2: Choose your setting

Once you’ve decided your content, it’s going to be fairly easy to decide your shoot location. Depending on the story you’re trying to tell, pick a location or background that best suits the tone of your film. You can’t shoot a film about an 18th century milkmaid in the middle of an Apple store! Always match your location to the story context, to avoid going viral for the wrong reasons.


Step 3: (Don’t) Buy a video camera

You don’t have to worry about buying a video camera when you’re just starting out. If you’ve recently inherited a fortune, then go ahead – nobody’s going to stop you. However, for now, a simple smartphone camera should do the trick. Failing that, you will definitely know someone that has one lying around that you could borrow. 


Video production for beginners


Step 4: Record audio

No matter how hard you try, the video recorded on your device will always have unclear audio. We recommend you always record your audio using a separate device such as an external recorder or even the microphone on your phone. Before you start filming, make sure you do a mic-test to ensure you’ve placed it correctly.


Step 5: Use natural lighting

While professionals have the ability to use light fixtures to perfect the setting in a room, it’s better for beginners to start with natural lighting. If your scene is outside, take advantage of the golden hour which is the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset, as this time offers the best natural lighting for videographers. If your shoot is indoors, make sure you open up all curtains and blinds to let plenty of natural light inside the room.


Step 6: Capture the video

Once your lighting is set and the scene is staged, it’s finally time to take out your camera and start rolling. It’s much easier to shoot small takes and then piece the whole thing together in post-production. Also utilize multiple angles, to give you more flexibility in the editing stage. 


Step 7: Edit your video

The most important step in video production is the post-processing stage. You can either use a simple-to-use software, such as iMovie, to edit your video, or you can take a post-production course online to brush up on your skills and edit like a true professional.

Either way – take your time on this stage; editing affects the tone, style and professionalism of the final video as much (or even more) than anything else.

Even if you have completed everything else yourself, if your video is for anything more than home entertainment – consider hiring a professional editor for this last bit. It won’t cost as much as you imagine and the payback will be huge.


Finally, once your brilliant creation is completed, make sure you share it with the world and promote it. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, you’ll learn as you create more videos. 


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