The Splento Interviews. Leon – Top London Videographer (Commercial) Questions on work, experience and what it’s like filming in 2020


Leon’s Bio:

Leon is a professional filmmaker who graduated from Concordia International University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Media Audio-Visual Production.

He now runs a boutique visual production company in London, offering full videography, motion graphics and editing services.

A combination of Leon’s creative mindset and individual approach helps him to always deliver unique, bespoke films for our valued customers.

His team of professional videographers, editors and graphics designers work with Splento to ensure every aspect of your event, function or product is captured to the highest possible standard.

With a combined experience of over 30 years, Leon and his team will tailor their approach to suit your requirements, whether it is directing the shoot or documenting events in a shadow role.

Using the latest equipment and editing software he will create a finished product that will exceed your highest expectations. He puts his soul into every shot because filming is his passion – every client is unique and is treated as such.

Leon and the team cover a variety of events including Weddings, Birthdays, Conferences, Models’ show-reels, Music Videos and Commercial projects to suit every budget.

He is based in London, but also keeps busy covering Europe.


High-end mirrorless camera system as well as various lighting, audio, aerial and stabilisation gear, covering a wide spectrum of customer needs



Corporate, Event, Conference, Short Films, Wedding, Product Property, Festival, Drone, Music Videos, Advertisements/Commercial 

The Interview

How long have you been working as a videographer?

LB: I’ve been working as a part-time videographer since 2005 ~ wow ~ 15 years already!


What the best thing about being a videographer?

LB: Easy! Freedom from the routine and the mundane. Every day is different – every customer is different. But it’s the best thing. Because each customer brings a new project with new requirements, I am able to be creative in different ways each time. No two days are the same – and I love that.


How does a typical shoot work? Does it begin ‘on the day’ or is there much planning and preparation involved?

LB: It depends on the project and situation. Sometimes it can be just a “run ‘n gun” job, whereas another time the project may take several months to plan and think through every shot. Then there are all the other jobs that fall in between those two.


How do you find working with Splento?

LB: I like working with Splento very much. It gives me great flexibility, wide diversity of projects and a fair pay. They expect the best from me, and they appreciate it when I deliver.


Any memorable highlights of working with Splento?

LB: Yes! One of my videos – ‘Join Fencing Club’ was the winner of Splento’s Awards 2019. That was a good day!


How does the client experience differ with Splento, in your opinion?

LB: First of all Splento is my client. And after working together for several years we have developed ways of collaboration, which works well for us both. It makes the processes flow smoothly, which results in a better experience for Splento, for me and most importantly, for the customer.


How have you found working during 2020?

LB: It’s been a very unusual experience. A very difficult time for the industry, but with Splento it was safer as they were still providing me with some work throughout this time.


What are the special precautions you must take at the moment due to Covid?

LB: Pretty much everything that is advised by the government and the NHS. It creates challenges, but we are still able to work within the precautions and observe the required guidelines. As long as we keep safety first, then it works OK.


Can clients take their masks off for filming?

LB: Yes, happily they can. We just keep a safe distance while working.


Do you find most clients are happy to work around these restrictions?

LB: Not all of the clients, but almost all. But everybody understands how important that is to stay safe and prioritise the health of others.


Is there any situation that you cannot film currently, because of the health precautions? 

LB: Sadly, there were some large events cancelled due to the first lockdown – weddings, conferences, concerts. But as the year has progressed, and business and event organisers have learned to adapt, we are seeing more and more events happening again – albeit in a different way. But it’s good to see them happening and interesting to see (and document) how the changes have been incorporated.


What’s the one thing you want most for Christmas?

LB: I just want everyone to be healthy and happy…and also… I want new Sony FX6 camera (LOL).


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