Top 5 tips for how to engage your children during #stayathome by children experts What are some of the key things parents should keep in mind during these unprecedented times?


With the invaluable input from children’s events organisers, a child dance specialist, and a published children’s author, the team at Splento recently hosted our first online roundtable discussion to uncover 5 tips which can help you to engage your children now that we are all spending more time at home. 

Here is your list of TOP-5 tips to keep your children busy, happy and engaged at home during quarantine or coronavirus lockdown

  1. Leave perfection to someone else

This time is gold dust so do not put too much pressure on yourself to get everything perfect. You have never parented in lockdown before. Have a screen time cut off. You have the chance to play and get to know your children more which is a luxury ordinarily afforded to their teachers. 

  1. Off the curriculum beaten path 

If your children are under 9 years old this is a one-off chance for an extended period to teach them topics off the curriculum such as cooking, survival skills, be more active, independent/critical thinking and being creative. 

  1. Get the children involved

Using a structured approach can help so you can still get your work done but you identify how you are going to keep the children engaged. Get the children engaged in this process to enable them to take ownership. For example, if you allocate 30 minutes to a creative task give them some options but let them choose. Don’t prescribe how they are going to have their fun or spend all of their time. 

  1. Letter writing didn’t hurt any of us! 

Utilize alternative methods of communicating such as letter-writing. Your child(ren) can write a letter, send a picture, create challenges, comics/posters of their quarantine experience, or start a chain story with friends and family. This is a bargain option that keeps them engaged plus makes it exciting when the postman arrives in the morning. If you write a chain story the participants can host a video call after to share the final story created. 

  1. Creating fun can be easier than we think 

Incorporate a surprise element to your day from time to time. This could include setting up a teddy bear picnic, turning the sofa over to create a den, playing a game of Pictionary, cranium or show and tell with loved ones off and online so the conversation can generate around the activity to keep them engaged for longer.

We are sure you will agree that our industry expert panel below did not disappoint: 

  • Mike Curry – Expert family photographer with 20+ years experience 
  • Michelle Sergeant – Director of Angels Dance Academy recently featured in popular BBC show ‘The Greatest Dancer’
  • Lauren Prentice – Director of Sense Parties, industry expert of 10+ years
  • Mark Lemon – Accomplished children’s author and publisher 
  • George Whitefield – Director of Sharky and George, an established creative events company for children and adult

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If you require an at-home activity that’s both fun and educational, contact Splento, as we are currently researching this. 


Help other families by sharing these ideas and stay safe!