One Hero, A Million Faces – online Covid-19 archive launched by Splento

  • One Hero, A Million Faces to capture images from NHS frontline
  • Images to form Covid-19 visual archive of the battle against the pandemic
  • Use of images is free for an voluntary donation to the NHS


Today, Thursday April 24th 2020, one of the UK’s leading photography businesses, Splento, has launched an online Covid-19 visual archive with images from frontline NHS hospitals who are at the centre of the battle against the pandemic. Called One Hero, A Million Faces, the web-based resource captures the heroism and reality within hospitals by NHS key workers producing an active time capsule of the UK’s fight against the virus. The campaign is also raising funds for the NHS through donations for using the images.

The archive allows NHS workers to upload their images directly, sorted by the hospital they work at. Currently, the London hospitals are listed but as images arrive from around the UK, these hospitals will be added to the archive. Splento will be moderating the images to avoid misuse and inappropriate photos, however those who work in the NHS frontline Covid-19 fight can upload photos across all aspects of their daily shifts. News agencies, online influencers and digital content producers are encouraged to use the archive for genuine images from NHS hospitals. 

Speaking about their project, Roman Grigoriev, CEO, Splento, said:

“Covid-19 has turned everyone’s world upside-down, it is making history and we are living through it. It is possibly the first worldwide event for which we can create a visual archive, a time capsule through images. So using our passion for photography, we’ve developed the One Hero, A Million Faces online facility for all NHS workers to contribute to, documenting history in the process. This is open to all of those working in frontline NHS hospitals; there’s no catch and no fee. We want your images to tell the real stories behind hospital doors.”

The image archive has been developed as a free-to-use facility delivered as a pro bono project by the Splento team, who collectively came up with the idea.

Roman added:

“The images are free to download and use by everyone, particularly those in the media who are needing high quality, high res photos for their coverage. We only ask for a small donation to the NHS if you are able to in return for their use.”

The archive is now live and available: https://www.splento.com/the-covid-19-archives

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