Splento Halloween 2018 Update



Lots to report, so keep calm, trick or treat and carry on!

1) ZOOM / Recent Update:

Clients & Partnerships:

a) We are starting a trial with one of Europe’s  leading food delivery companies. With Splento’s back-end being able to process thousands of photoshoots a day, it’s only natural that big multinational companies come to us to solve their photography and videography needs, to save time and money. Afterall, very few companies can consistently do hundreds of photoshoots a week on-demand around the Globe and deliver edited photos into client’s inbox the next day. We can.

b) We are also starting a trial with one of the largest global entrepreneur communities who organise hundreds of events each year. The idea is again very simple, but with a twist.

The simple part – no other company apart from Splento can shoot hundreds of events around the world and deliver photos live during the event on a consistent basis.

The twist – this company won’t actually be paying for these photoshoots. A sponsor will and their logo will appear on each photo. So it’s a win-win for everyone.

Tech: our tech continues getting better by the day. As always, all our recent non-confidential tech updates are recorded in our tech changelog.

The most exciting part? We’ve created a couple more chatbots and introduced text message notifications.

a) Our chatbots now notify us in our Telegram app (we use Telegram instead of Slack) when something has gone awry in any part of our supply chain.

b) Text messages update our clients about the progress (just like you get Uber and AirBnB text messages, when you book something with them), thus eliminating a problem of our emails sometimes getting tangled in clients’ junk folders.

Customer Success: TrustPilot Reviews are just as strong as last month at 9.6 out of 10 from 412 reviews and our Net Promoter Score is at an impressive 71.

Splento Subscription: the initial test last month went well and we got several interested parties. Will roll out to wider public towards the end of the year.

Splento Blog: we do keep a very interesting BLOG. I wrote a lengthy piece about myself (don’t ask!!!), so if you want to get to know me better – have a quick look HERE.

Wayra Demo Day: the culmination of our time with Telefonica’s amazing accelerator Wayra has been the Demo Day last Friday at the Houses of Parliament. You can find the photos HERE and my three minute presentation HERE.

We weren’t just presenting – we also delivered hundreds of edited photos and videos LIVE during the event (despite dial-up modem-like internet speeds at this wonderful architectural example of Perpendicular Gothic Revival on the River Thames).

2) FOCUS / Looking Ahead:

We are in the last 10,000 meters of our Late Seed Round fundraising marathon.

As an experienced marathon runner (with both Boston and London marathons lined up for me for next April), I can tell you – the last 10,000m is the hardest part of any marathon.

I will use my experience to help us push through and concentrate as well on the final stretch of the Late Seed Round, as I do with marathons.

3) EXPOSURE / Ask:

Companies like AirBnB, Uber Eats, HomeAway, TripAdvisor and many other multinational platforms/marketplace businesses need thousands of photoshoots a week and spend hundreds of thousands of pounds (and some spend millions) each year on their visual content.

Whatever solution they currently use (you can read more about it HERE), we can deliver the same product with less hassle, faster and achieve double digit savings for them.

So if you know anyone responsible for sourcing content at large multinational companies (that care about the bottom line and their staff’s time), please introduce us. I’ll owe you a few kilos of candy.

Kind regards


P.S. Hope all the candies don’t go to WAIST. Happy Halloween!

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