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Marketing tricks and operational treats that businesses around the world use to acquire professional content on-demand.

Businesses of all kinds have a need for high-quality photo and video content on a regular basis.

Even these days, when everyone has an amazing camera in their pocket, there is still a huge need for professional photographers.

Businesses need professional-quality visual content delivered consistently and fast. By using your latest iPhone and Samsung phone, no matter how amazing the lens is, you will not be able to deliver it yourself, because you won’t fully comprehend what great visual composition is and how to properly edit. And, of course, you can’t be in 250 places around the world on the same day. 

Businesses used to solve that challenge with a large in-house photo and video department to satisfy all of their professional photography needs. However, it is an extremely inefficient and expensive solution, because this is not what they do. As they grow – and with it their content needs grow – many expensive processes and tech have to be put in place to manage a growing team of visual content creators.

Outsourcing and bringing in professional photographers as needed should have been a logical solution, because there is sufficient supply of qualified talent out there for a wide variety of B2B photographic use cases. However, despite the adequate talent supply in the market, there is very little transparency.

Businesses can choose between a variety of photographers, but they make that choice with little information – usually just a name and a price. What equipment they use, how they edit their photos, how well-reviewed they are, how fast they can work — this is all information that is not readily available in most cases when a business is looking for photo or video vendors.

Furthermore, professional customer support, invoicing and admin are all alien terms for most freelance photographers, few know what CRMs and APIs are, and they are rarely able to fit strict enterprise procedures into their own business workflows.

That is the problem Splento is solving, offering its business customers access to vetted and trained local photographers and videographers with a turnkey solution for high-quality professional work at scale.

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) use the service to book time and content with photographers on the platform. Larger enterprises tend to integrate through their own and Splento APIs.

Splento is not purely a platform business like many other marketplaces. Though Splento does connect businesses to local photographers — often even the same day – it is not a marketplace. Businesses contract directly with Splento, rather than using the platform to sift through hundreds of profiles.

Of course, businesses can request a specific photographer, but most prefer and trust Splento algorithms and our experts to make the right choice for them.

Splento photographers are hired and trained by Splento — they do not book their own independent gigs through the platform, because at the heart of Splento lies a promise that you will always get your content in 48 hours guaranteed or your money back, and for some specific photoshoots (like sporting events and conferences) photos are delivered on the day. When freelance photographers are left to their own devices – this guaranteed delivery and simplicity disappears.  

Splento contracts with clients, collects payments from them, then pays its photographers and videographers, who have been vetted and approved through training on in-house style.

Reviews are collected from both clients and photographers, but Splento uses them for internal purposes; they are not publicly viewable. That is very  different from the classic marketplace format. Businesses do not want to become the judges of professional photography that a traditional marketplace would force them to become. Instead, they can use Splento to access a well-trained carefully vetted, on-demand work-force of professional photographers, who will deliver within a specific style, on time and at fixed prices.

Today, Splento’s clients mostly come from the events industry, but the company is seeing more interest from eCommerce, real estate, restaurants and travel firms.


by Roman Grigoriev

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