Continuous improvement (aka kaizen) is one of Splento’s Core Values.

Commitment to continuous improvement, one of Splento’s Core Values, motivated us from Day 1.

In order to delight our customers and deliver the best possible service, in 2019 we will continue to concentrate on refining all our processes and improving as a team and individuals.

There are dozens of skills that I can personally be honing in 2019, but there are three essential skills I earmarked for improvement next year:

(1) Improve my investor pitching skills;

(2) Improve regularity and quality of my communications with Splento stakeholders;

(3) Use the Splento Board more effectively.

Now in more detail.

(1) Improve my investor pitching skills

We are building the largest visual content on-demand platform in the world. We are planning to achieve it in the next 5-10 years (not 30-50 years) and without VC funding it won’t be possible.

We’ve made a conscious decision to use rocket-fuel (VC money) to power Spaceship “Splento”, so I need to learn to pitch better. 

(2) Improve regularity and quality of my communications with Splento stakeholders

As our organization grows, our stakeholders know less and less about what’s going on at Camp Splento. We don’t have a PR & Comms department yet, which means it is my primary duty to keep all stakeholders updated.

(3) Use the Splento Board more effectively

A Board of Directors is an essential element of a successful organization, however, most startup founders (myself included) don’t have much experience of running Boards (or even being part of well-functioning Boards). I will work on that.

There are several ways I can improve my progress on these crucial endeavours.

(A) Reading. I’ll continue reading 2-4 books a month aimed specifically at these topics.

ASK: If you come across any must-reads (be it books or updates/posts by other CEOs) for each subject mentioned above, please do forward them to me.

(B) Writing. I’ll continue writing about what I learn and sharing key ideas with you.  

ASK: Please do continue holding me accountable by reading my blog.

(C) Teaching. The best way to remember something is to teach someone what you’ve learned. I’ll continue educating my team, however, if you know of any startup founder who has the foresight to learn from mistakes of others, feel free to introduce us. I’m always happy to share my experiences of what not to do.

ASK: If you hear of any events or conferences where my knowledge and expertise could be useful – give me a shout. I’d be delighted to attend and share both my negative and positive experiences.

(D) Practising. Deliberate practice makes perfect.

ASK: If you know any VCs eager for insights into what’s happening in the world of visual content and how they and their companies can stand out and win with #VisualFuel – please introduce us. They’ll see the world of visual content from a different perspective and I’ll get to practice my pitching skills.

(E) Getting a mentor. Getting a mentor. Finding a great mentor is a wonderful shortcut to improving your skills in a specific area of expertise. I have several amazing mentors:

– Rob for all things Board related;

– Lorenzo for all things HR and team culture;

– Ashley for Marketing and Growth.

Guys, I can’t thank you enough!

ASK: I’d love to find someone who has raised shed loads of money from VCs and could help me master this skill. Or find an experienced VC, who can help me become great at pitching to VCs. So if you know any CEOs who are exceptional at raising capital or VCs who want to become better at understanding entrepreneurs by mentoring one  – please introduce me.


by Roman Grigoriev

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