How drones became the future of real estate businesses Best tips to create impactful professional visual content


As you are surely aware, photographs are no longer enough to showcase your property. At times of social distance, the business use of videography has become a hot topic but why not push the boundaries and profit from drones’ nearly-infinite potential? 

Videography vs Drone in outdoor real estate: 0-1

If 72% of your audience would rather learn about your business (aka your properties) on videos, you would surely (if you have not done so already) direct the majority of your digital marketing resources towards video content. Although they possess the significant potential to be re-shared 92% more often by your viewers, videos have their limits when it comes to capturing outdoor aspects of your property. 

Of course, professional videographers can realise wonders but no human has the ability to fly like a drone. When customers look for the property of their dreams, it’s not only in between the walls and drones that will help you tailor your offers to their needs. Standing out from the (large) crowd of competitor 

Capture the surroundings

Outdoor spaces represent an under-exploited aspect in particular in luxury real estate, providing accurate and crucial details on the property’s features. Whether it’s a pool or a perfect garden, you must emphasise such features and global added value to the property.


Aerial photography

Capture the best of your environment


On top of this, drones produce absolutely stunning -almost obsessing- aerial footages with an even higher quality standard than simple videos. Too often, you may come across a great property with sharp photos matching your expectations inside, to later discover that the neighbourhood or the street where it’s located is a no go for you. The City’s habitants will be too familiar with this disappointment. The solution? Take advantage of our professional drone videographers to capture not only your property’s outdoors but the neighbourhood’s best features. 360 degrees walk-throughs are the closest representation of reality and this will highlight the best features, contributing to an overall impressive virtual tour for a lot cheaper than using a helicopter. 

Place your customers first

Nurturing your client relationship throughout the sale process implies placing their well-being first. Give them a reason to live in this precise location, but also be honest about any negative points that they might want to consider. 

You might think that it’s easier said than done and the truth is, yes, drones can be incredibly expensive. That’s the specific reason why you should not waste your resources by investing in expensive material which requires practice to master – in particular for high-end listings. Hiring an expert to capture a unique property perspective will guarantee a high return on investment, gain an automatic advantage by showcasing your properties the perfect way, and your business’ turnaround can only follow. 


Aerial photography

Showcase stunning features of your real estate property


Drones: the big social media winners

Remember the golden rule? 80/20. 80% of your digital content should be featuring original creations, and drone footage will take your social media content to the next dimension. Building a strong media reputation with a regular presence is a must and real estate businesses are no exceptions. From Facebook and Youtube to Flickr or Instagram, drones constitute your best opportunity to demonstrate your property’s potential with professional quality and mouthwatering visual content.


If you find yourself needing drone footage right now, yet don’t want to commit to the cost of buying and flying at this time, then take a look at Splento’s Aerial Filming services – a fixed-price, low-cost alternative to doing it all yourself.

Aerial Drone Filming







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