May 2019 Update

Fastest Marathon Dressed as a Camera



For Sir Winston, “V” meant just one thing – Victory. Following my “13kg camera on my back self-inflicted ordeal”,  V for me – will always be associated with Virgin (London Marathon).

1) ZOOM / Recent Update:

(A) From my previous update, you may recall that we’ve decided to do something different with my 9th in a row London Marathon. I dressed up in “2ft x 4ft x 2ft” 13kg camera costume to raise awareness (and money) for the charities we work with and support.

Many things didn’t go to plan, but I survived… and finished in one piece in 4hrs 13mins. You can see a short preview HERE and my finish line sprint HERE.

So what? Proof that we always go the extra mile for the people and organizations we work with. Literally!

(B) You’ll recall that January 2019 was our best month in terms of Gross Booking Value (GBV), but not quite there in terms of revenue (because our revenue is recognized when the photo/video shoot takes place, not when the booking is made).

Well, April 2019 was the best month ever both in GBV and revenue and May, is already on course to beat April.

So what?

When we strategically pivoted to B2B, we knew that our sales cycle would lengthen considerably and we’d have a short-term growth slowdown. We are now starting to reap the benefits of the seeds we planted last year.

2) FOCUS / Looking Ahead:

Our preparations are in full swing for the London Tech Week (LTW) next month.

We are shooting (photo + video) some of the largest events for the best brands out there (CogX, Informa and many others) and with our newly launched Facial Recognition – it’s going to be the best and most exciting London Tech Week ever (at least for those event organisers that work with us!).

So what? If your contacts are involved in organizing LTW events next month and don’t use Splento, do let them (or their CFOs) know that they are most likely grossly overspending on photo and video and getting a very slow service.

We will price match and deliver faster than anyone.

3) EXPOSURE / Ask:

Due to our continued growth, we are actively looking to fill several positions, but the most urgent one is that of an HR Manager.

We figured that the only way to fill in dozens of roles ASAP with the right candidates (with Splento values), we need someone in-house to build a recruitment funnel, create a top-notch HR system and start searching, interviewing and hiring “yesterday”!

So what? We are scaling and not shy to ask for help.

Enjoy your Victory Day celebrations if you were born in the USSR, and I wish you all a wonderful Thursday!

Kind regards,


Splento – The Visual Tech Company

P.S. You can find all previous updates from 2019 HERE

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