New Feature Announcement: Splento’s Facial Recognition

Splento Facial Recognition


We are very excited to launch our new feature – Facial Recognition. 

It came out of our clients’ needs and frustrations when it comes to mass participation sports events and huge conferences, but it goes way beyond that. There are numerous applications for this technology and below we’ll describe just a handful of these applications. 


Some forward-thinking football & ice-hockey clubs are using professional photographers to take photos of fans.  Fans love this and for clubs – it’s one of the best Return on Marketing Investment ideas out there. Fans deserve to be photographed watching their favourite performance – be it their favourite team. And we don’t see why this can’t be used by any other event with a massive fan base watching any type of performance at a large stadium. Splendid moments deserve to be captured!

The problem is – once you have thousands of those photos – what do you do next? How will thousands of fans find their happy faces among tens of thousands of photos?

As easy as Splento! 

By integrating our facial recognition widget on your website and asking your photographer (or our photographer, if you want the best possible quality photos) to upload all the photos to the Splento Platform. Then all fans need to do is take a selfie, upload it to the widget hosted on your website and they’ll get a link to a personal gallery with all their photos from that game or performance.

Those who have done this will tell you how magical this experience feels!  


The rapid expansion of transport companies like Uber, Ola, Gett, Lyft, Bolt comes at a cost. Millions of drivers around the world find ways to game the system and send someone else in their stead to do their shift.

Give it time and this will start causing huge reputational and possibly operational challenges. Just imagine what a fight the Media will pick up with the Company, when (not if) a driver’s substitute causes an accident. 

Splento’s Platform with its Facial Recognition, dashboards and APIs solves this in one fell swoop. 

As long as Taxi Companies’ T&C’s allow the Company to process their drivers’ details in a confidential manner (in accordance with GDPR and Privacy Shield legislation), these transport companies can run all their drivers’ photos through Splento’s facial recognition system. 

Then they just need to add a new feature that in their driver’s app that takes – with drivers’ permission – a few photos of them before they start their day, in the middle and at the end of the day (or whatever photo taking cadence they choose).

We have all the dashboards and API integrations in place to see the results and act upon them immediately, so Transport Companies don’t have to spend precious R&D resources on building dashboards and can instead concentrate on delivering the best service to their clients.

Furthermore, why would they want to spend any R&D resources on developing this tech if in 5 years time they won’t have any drivers?


Even though we deliver event photos on the same day, which are of amazing quality and are incredibly affordable, it can still be difficult to find yourself when you have 100,000 photos from a marathon or large multi-day conference with the multiple galleries. Imagine a situation – as a keynote speaker or a guest, going through hundreds of photos in order to find yourself.

Splento’s Facial Recognition helps with that.

So, how does it work? Like magic!

All you need to do is to take a selfie or upload a photo from your device to our gallery that hosts photos of you among thousands of others. We will instantly find all your photos in our galleries and automatically send them to you in your own personalized photo gallery. You can then download the photos, share them online or even print them out.


Try it out yourself! We’ve created a sample gallery with well-known public figures for you to experience Facial Recognition in action. Just screenshot any of the photos or find their old photo online, click on Find Your Photos on the bottom right of the screen and upload the photo/screenshot that you have and our system will automatically show you all the photos in a private gallery.

Now just imagine a gargantuan task of finding your photos amongst thousands of others from a conference, trade show, mass participation sporting event, concert, parade, carnival, festival. With Splento it couldn’t be easier! And this is just the beginning 🙂 

Best of luck and keep face searching!

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