August 2019 Update



Entrepreneurial brains are wired differently. Here is an example of how my brain came up with a concept for this month’s update (yes, every monthly update has a theme and is sent on a significant calendar day). 

  • August = holidays. 
  • Holidays = travel. 
  • Travel = bags. 
  • Bags = elevators. 
  • I’ve realised I never mentioned Splento’s elevator pitch to you.  

Here it is: The world is moving online. Someone needs to visualise it. Splento is that company. 

1) ZOOM / Recent Update: 

(a) Fast-growing global marketplaces (food delivery, property, etc) are spending £100mln+ each year on professional photography worldwide. They are growing so fast and their need for standardized high-quality visual content is so huge, that even the largest of them cannot handle it on their own. So companies like ours had to evolve our business models to suit their needs. 

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been actively negotiating and got to the final stage of Request for Proposals with another of the largest professional photography spenders out there.

So what? As our vetted photographer base expands, we are able to service bigger and bigger clients, so we can continue to win major contracts from our main “eighteen-wheeler” competitors and will move into the next phase of our journey.  

(b) Following our recent coverage of the annual World Triathlon Series, international event in Leeds, as televised on the BBC and shown worldwide, the British Triathlon Federation said:

Another great example of Splento adding value, going the extra mile to help our clients with their event coverage and providing exceptional – in this case better than the press corps team on hand!

So what? Just super-proud of our team! 

2) FOCUS / Looking Ahead: 

One of our food delivery clients is scaling their operations in Asia Pacific and we are going with them. All hands on deck to make sure we deliver the best in the industry quality not just closer to home, but also on the other side of the planet.

So what? Photoshoot quality is not just about the photo itself – it’s the entire process. And with our tech, people and operating procedures we make sure clients get top-notch service at every step of the process in every corner of the globe.

3) EXPOSURE / Ask: 

It is the World Photography Day today and we are celebrating! 

Enter our #SplentoPhotoDay giveaway to WIN one of the following prizes: 

  1. A London Photo Walk Experience – have your photos taken whilst exploring some of London’s finest attractions, or 
  2. A 1-hour photo shoot of your choice with a professional photographer in your area! 

To enter, simply post a photo that represents this summer for you on Instagram and do the following two things: Tag @SplentoApp; Use #SplentoPhotoDay

So what? Even though I am known for being fiscally prudent, when it comes to celebrating the World Photography Day – we are super generous 🙂   

Kind regards,



Splento – The Visual Tech Company

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