Average event photographer prices in London: Prices & packages explained What is the real cost of hiring an event photographer in London in 2024?


Before you attempt to book an event photographer in London, it is important to acquaint yourself with the current professional photography prices and rates currently being charged in the city.

We understand that planning an event is a complex, time-consuming business and you are probably going to want to skip on meticulously swatting up on the average event photography pricing. But take heart, as this blog post will take you through what you can expect to pay when hiring an event photographer (specifically an event photographer in London) as well as what is included in the package that you are paying for so that all the answers are nice and simple and in one place! 


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What are you paying for when booking a professional event photographer? 

When you are buying an event photographer’s services, you are paying for three main factors: their experience and knowledge, the use of quality and professional equipment and, if you are booking a credible event photographer, the right insurance. 

A professional event photographer can provide you with years of experience and knowledge in their field and you will reap the rewards when you receive their great quality images of your big event. A professional event photographer will bring with them an expert knowledge of lighting, image composition, colour, and an instinctive understanding of what makes a good candid shot. 

Furthermore, there is no denying that good-quality photography equipment comes at a cost. The cost of this equipment will, therefore, be reflected in the price you pay for the event photography services but it will just as importantly also reflect on the quality of images that you receive after your event. 


What is included in professional event photography prices? 

Event photographers often offer their event photography services in a package deal. To get the most for your money we recommend looking for a comprehensive event photography package that includes all the necessities. The necessities should include a quick turnaround, image use rights, suitable equipment, and editing/retouching of images.


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Event photography prices London 2024

Now that we have discussed what you are paying for it seems the right time to break down event photography pricing in London and answer the important question – how much does hiring an event photographer London cost? 

Firstly, freelance photographers’ London prices are usually more than large photography businesses. 

As a general rule, if you are booking a professional event photographer in the UK you can prepare to spend around £1,000 to £1,400 for a block day booking, which works out at around £125-£175 per hour. Some, of course, charge much more. If, however, you want to book an event for less than a day (say, one or two hours) then it is not unusual to pay upwards of £300 an hour for such a short booking. 


When it comes to event photography pricing, Splento refuses to stick to the status quo. Here at Splento, we are always at the top of the event photography game, and this includes our pricing packages. 

Splento has a flat fee of just £99 per hour, so you will not be paying any more per hour for a shorter event than a long event. 

All of the necessities listed above are guaranteed with a Splento event photographer. Splento event photography packages include expertly retouched photos that are always the best of the bunch. The turnaround time of a Splento photographer is delivery guaranteed within 24 hours of the event – so you can stay on the ball with your marketing strategy straight the very next day. And they can even provide some of the finished images on a same-day basis!

If you are looking for a wedding or other event photographer in London, but have one eye on your budget, then look no further than Splento.

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