The COVID-19 Archives The COVID-19 Archives The COVID-19 Archives

The COVID-19 archives

Photos of people behind the fight with coronavirus

The COVID-19 Archives

One Hero, a Million Faces - #OneHeroAMillionFaces

The havoc and hardship Covid-19 is causing our country is enormous. We are not even sure if we have reached the climax in our epic struggle or there is still a long way to go. But when our kids and their kids look back at it 5, 10 or 50 years later, we'd want them to understand what it was like to live in these challenging times.  

We strongly believe that a picture is worth a thousand words and with this Covid-19 archive we are pursung two main goals: to document this epic struggle for future generations and to raise money for the NHS.  


We are building the largest crowd-sourced archive of real faces behind humanity's fight with Covid-19 in order to illustrate and record all aspects of the struggle that we have gone through, starting with the frontline: the NHS. We want these photo collections to depict, challenge and remain relevant to our contemporaries, and we want to safeguard them for future generations.

These collections cover the activities of the NHS in times of hardship from doctors, nurses and NHS workers' private perspectives.

The photographs will later on be supplemented by stories by people involved, which will help us understand how and why these photographs were taken.

We are actively collecting material. If you are employed by the NHS and have experienced the Covid-19 fight firsthand, please upload your photos here: 


Do you work for the NHS? Upload your photos here:


The second goal behind this initiative is to raise more money and this is why next to each photo and to each gallery we put a DONATE button that redirects you to the NHS's donation page. If you are a blogger or a journalist and are using photos from this archive, can we please ask you to mention each photo's URL in credits. The more people view those powerful photos, the more money we will raise for the NHS. 

Let's make history with your photos!

You can upload them here.