How creating content will help to boost your business Discover the benefits of content creation in the business world.


Creating content is a must to help you boost your business as it is an essential part of every success. But before getting into what content creation can do for you, you have to understand what it is.

Content creation is the making of content related to your business that you offer to your costumers, through social media or your website, that has to spark their interest and curiosity, keep them entertained and eager to want to hire you!

Content creation can be focussed on so many different areas.  Social media posts focus mainly on pictures and videos with a short caption. Whereas blog posts are longer written posts about your business domain, such as tips on how to better a certain aspect of it, or even posts about different things that might interest your audience.

Visual content is most important on social media and it is important to have an in-depth knowledge of the different strategies to utilise on each social media.

On  Instagram you want to create an eye-pleasing feed with photos and short video to keep your customers interested.

On YouTube you could create different videos regarding what your company is about, a day in the life of your employees, what your customers think of you, ways you are always trying to better yourself and many more options.

On Twitter, keep your customers and followers engaged with short but captivating and appealing content.

Social media are a great way for customers to relate on a personal level with your business.


To help you create the visual content you need, Splento has you covered, not only do we have the best photographers and videographers for you, but also our blog has many different posts about how to better advertise your business, through the use of videography and photography. Plus, we have lots of tips on how to make your content pop!


Blogging is fundamental for your business for several reasons. For example, it drives more traffic to your website, then it converts that traffic into leads, establishing authority and many more advantages that you can discover here. Blogging is also essential because creating interesting content – which shows your professionalism – tells the potential customers that your business is reliable and displays your skills.


Creating content, both visual (like videography and photography) for social media, and written (your website’s blog) is the fastest way to boost your business. Especially if you just started! Be aware that this will have to be the main focus for a while and invest time and money in it.


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