5 steps to boost your new product launch on social media Whatever the product, perfecting your social media launch is vital for early exposure


New product launches have so much competition these days, you might think it isn’t worth it. If so, you couldn’t be more wrong! All you need is the right strategy to maximise your social media presence and get your product out there. If you have faith that your product is going to be a success but worry it won’t get traction early on, then this is the article for you. No matter how big or small your business aims, with these 5 steps you can boost your new product launch to reach its full potential.

1. Preparation

You can have the best product launch ever, but if the product isn’t ready, it’s all for nothing. There are a million and one things to keep track of when developing a new product and to stop it from failing you need to be super prepared. Think of the social media launch as the icing on the cake: without it, you’re not finished, but with no spongy goodness to lather it onto, it’s useless.

2. Target your audience

Every product has to have its target audience, the demographic that you think will be most likely to engage with and buy your product. It doesn’t need to be a specific group, but it’s vital you have it in mind. Getting bloggers and influencers behind you is a great way to make sure those people will be exposed to your product. Similarly, targeted adverts are going to make sure no effort is wasted. Getting the word out there and to the right people is half the battle, so make sure to get the most out of SEO to maximise your reach on Google and other search engines.

3. Have an amazing product launch event

You only need to look at Apple to see the power of a launch event. Whilst not everyone out there is perhaps quite the size of Apple, we can definitely take a leaf out their book. Building up anticipation for a big event is a fantastic way to develop hype around your product. Making the event engaging is key to product success – boring event, boring product. You don’t need to spend-spend-spend on a huge event; cater it to your ambitions. If you’re looking for professional videography to cover your live event at a low price, then Splento offers hourly rates for an efficient and high-quality service. If you’re not looking at professional videography, at the very least a coordinated announcement across social media platforms is a proven way to make sure the release is given some exposure.


4. Keep social media savvy

Posting actively, and regularly, on social media is vital to ensure your product is staying visible. Social media is petulant, requiring attention before, during and after the event to maintain energy. Keep the posts varied, but with a consistent, recognisable style. Doing this creates a memorable and streamlined appearance that won’t go stale. You don’t want to annoy your customers into buying, so don’t publish loud posts in capital letters every 2 minutes. The aim is that your product is seen regularly by a large group of people, so it comes across as popular and trending.

5. Lap up the success – and the failures

You already know you’ve got to be prepared, whether that’s for relative success or failure, but there’s no doubt that being ready to react can only be a good thing. Sometimes the perfect advertising comes naturally from the people who use your product, so encouraging those who have enjoyed it to post and share is a must. Sales aren’t just about convincing people to buy, if you stay in contact with your customers you keep open a source of vital feedback on how to improve. Being able to react to constructive feedback from customers will give you a leg up in improving your strategies, whether that be how they became aware of the product, or on product quality. No matter what the feedback, it’s helpful for you to have an idea of what your customers are thinking. This feedback can be obtained in so many ways, from reading Facebook comments to feedback forms, to emails and phone calls, all helpful in their own way.


Ultimately, your product is your baby, but when it’s time for it to leave the nest it’s got to go with a bang. If you’ve put the work into making it the best it can be, then all that’s left is to make sure your customers know it too. The best way you can achieve that, no matter the scale of the project, is through the unlimited potential of social media. All you need is the focus and attention to bring it to fruition and watch your new product launch it’s way to success.


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