5 best ways to get over a creative block Read this article to find out the 5 best ways to get over a creative block and get back on track!


Having trouble focusing on working? Having trouble being creative? Feeling like nothing you write about is good enough? Is this worldwide crisis getting in your way? Well, this post is what you’ve been looking for to get it all back.  We’ve all been there, not far from the deadline, staring at the blank page hoping for it to be miraculously written by someone else, however, this unfortunately doesn’t happen  (if it ever did to any of you please tell me your secrets), so keep reading to find out the 5 best ways to get over that creative block and get your work submitted in time!


  1. Write something else

Maybe the topic you’re supposed to write about isn’t something you’re passionate about, this happens more times than you imagine! So, stop focusing on that and start writing for your own pleasure for about half an hour; this will enable you to take your mind off the stressful task but still keep you focused on writing skills.


  1. Change scenario

This might sound banal and repetitive; I can guess that many people suggested this already. And it is because they are right! Even going from working in your room to your kitchen can change your mindset. If you are lucky and have a balcony, or a fire escape – it works the same – use it and get that fresh air that you know you need. And if your government guidelines allow it, even go and work in the park! Or, in a café, if you prefer.


  1. Read

Stop mistreating your already uncollaborative brain and give it a break, take your favourite book, comic or magazine and unwind for 30 minutes. Absolutely do not read more on the topic you need to write about, we all know how counterproductive that is.


  1. Forget about it

Yes, you read it correctly. Get up from that chair, sofa or from wherever you’re working, and do something you love. Is it cooking? Then bake that cake you’ve been wanting to make for ages. Is it taking photos? Then take the best photos you’ve ever taken, of yourself or your surroundings.


  1. Walk

With that, I don’t mean to walk in circles in your room thinking about how far behind you are with your article. What I mean is – again – get up from the chair and go for a 30-minute walk, refresh your brain and let it breathe. It deserves it.


These are the 5 best ways to get over a creative block, however, if nothing of these works, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with these additional tips:



  1. Blast some music out

I’m sure you have that playlist, that band or singer that you just can’t avoid but dance to it when you hear them. So, put them on, turn up the volume and for 30 minutes let it all out, sing to it, dance to it… pillow fight yourself if you like. To each their own right?


  1. Enjoy the silence

If you can’t focus it’s probably because your brain is in overdrive, so stop asking too much of it! The laptop is not helping either, so get off it and relax, take those 30 minutes to recharge your brain, rest your poor eyes and just enjoy a bit of silence. Either lay on your sofa or bed, or, meditate or just go and sit in another room, but take that time to zone out of your blank page and think of nothing but relaxing moments or things.


Those are the 5 best ways to get over a creative block (plus two extras) to be sure you can actually overcome it. It is important to understand that we need to give our brain a little time to unwind, it cannot work well if it has no time to process information, especially during these challenging times we are living in.


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