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If you are a restaurant or food delivery service, or even an avid food blogger, then the most important service in your world (after the food) will be professional-quality food photography.

And if you are a restaurant that already provides service through a delivery service – such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats or any other service on the planet – then you already know the pain of getting a photo of your food that is good enough to pass their quality control team.

Good news! There is now a simple answer to all your food photography problems, difficulties and challenges!

There’s a new Food Photography App is available now from your App Store, but to learn a little more and get access to a free demo, we suggest that you head over to the Splento Food App website to begin.

The Splento Food App is the ultimate food photographer. It is a professional food photographer in your pocket.

This clever smartphone solution uses A.I. to automatically enhance any food photo to create a professional image with a perfect background – but it is so much more.

Based on the experience of thousands of professional food photographers, here are just some of the Food App’s features:

    • Automatic food recognition (must be seen to be believed)
    • Shows on-screen the best angle for your food photo
    • Helps you achieve perfect lighting – every time
    • No need for editing or any retouching by you
    • Creates a perfect background for your photo – wherever you took it!
    • Shows in-app direction for the ultimate layouts, including for your hero shots
    • Gives you confidence that your photo will be approved by your delivery service – when you take it, without waiting.


Professional Food Photography One


How the Splento Food App works

As we just mentioned, the Splento Food App is the professional food photographer in your pocket.

Simply download the app from your App Store – it’s available right now for both iOS and Android devices.

Once you’re set up on your smartphone, you can begin taking perfect, mouth-watering photos that previously you had to pay a professional for.

The app itself is simple to use – if you can use the camera on your smartphone, then you can use this app.

When you open it up you find some helpful tips on lighting, styling and angles, if you need them, and a big ‘shoot’ button for taking a photo.

Hit the shoot button and you’re good to go.

We found that the easiest way to learn how to use the Food App was to simply try it out. Everything about the app is intuitive – step by step, easy-to-follow instructions tell you what to do, and in seconds you find yourself taking perfect food photos, every time.

It’s even a little addictive and starting to become a pre-meal ritual now – taking a photo and posting it to Instagram.


Food App Photo 3


The Food App has two options – Menu and Hero.

Menu mode is for taking a photo of a single dish. Aim the camera at the food and hit the Recognise button. The A.I. will recognise the food and give you more detailed guidance for taking the perfect photo – on-screen tips will appear to help you get the perfect angle for that particular dish (e.g. directly above, 45° and so on). It will also warn you if the lighting is too bright/too dark and make other suggestions.

Simply follow the on-screen guidance and in seconds you will have the perfect food photo for your menu, your website and your food delivery company!


“The app is packed full of expert photo tips from professionals which will cater for every food photo you will ever take. It now only takes seconds to take a professional food photo.”


Once the photo is taken, you can upload it directly to your food delivery service or have a perfect background replaced first – within the app. There is no need to edit the photo yourself.


Hero mode is for taking your hero food shots – those wide cover/banner photos and multiple-dish shots that look so tempting.

As well as all the guidance you get in Menu Mode, the Food App will also show you the perfect layout – on screen – depending on how many dishes you have. It even takes account of their shape and size.

Again – there is no need to edit the photo yourself.

The real benefits of using the Food App

In the past (we mean yesterday) you would have to first transfer your photos to a computer, use editing software such as Photoshop to retouch the images, spend hours masking and replacing the background to remove all the unwanted elements, and so on.

Today – you just point and click! Following a few simple directions from the app replaces all the editing and other challenges that you used to have.



Using the Food App as opposed to hiring a professional photographer will save you up to 90% of your costs.

Professional photographers are great – but they don’t work for free.

When they do come, it usually means that your restaurant is closed, your kitchen is open and your chef has to cook your entire menu just for photographing it – and you know what a huge waste that is!

The Food App is so simple – and so fast – that you can even use it to take photos of live orders if you wish to.

If you use a food delivery service, then you will already know the frustration – and lost earnings – of waiting for food photos to be approved. You have a new dish, it’s on your menu, it’s what all your customers want to order – but they can’t because your photos keep getting rejected by the delivery company.

The Food App automates this process and can dramatically increase your photo acceptance rate.

All these cost savings to you will soon add up – Splento has delved deep into research on this subject and you can read the results for yourself.

And the beauty of the Food App is that you can have the best of both worlds if you choose – some restaurants still want to make use of a professional photographer from time to time, for special occasions, and use the Food App for the rest of their images.

So you can have your cake and eat it.



The simple convenience of being able to take your menu and other food photos when you want to cannot be overstated.

Booking a professional photographer means having to wait until their schedule is free and you have time (when your restaurant is closed) and then having your chef make every dish just to be photographed…well – it’s not ideal, is it?

Using the Food App means you take your own photos when it is convenient for you – and can be done even using real food orders, if you wish.

And if you have an account with a food delivery service, then the App will help you reduce your rejected photo rate, automatically manage the approval process, and save you hours.

It will automatically take care of resizing, renaming, cropping and the professional retouching of your images – and through some smart app intelligence – it also integrates with your food delivery service platform and can handle uploading and acceptance as well. The app will do everything except cook the food for you.

Food App Approval Screen


How do I get started?

Even this is simple – the Food App is available now from your App Store, but to learn a little more and get access to a free demo, we suggest that you head over to the Splento Food App website to begin.

Meanwhile – can we tempt you with a few more amazing photos from the Food App?


Food App 4


Food App 5


Food App 7


Want to see some before/after images created by the Food App?


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