Christmas Photography Pricing & Rates: How to Hire a Party Photographer Get the BEST Christmas photographer for your party this year!


As we grow ever closer to the winter months – and with it the festive season – many of us are starting to think about our big Christmas party – whether that be office or family and friends. With your big Christmas party, you are going to want a party photographer in attendance to capture all your big Christmas photography moments. If this is the case, you are in exactly the right place!

This article will run you through the best way to hire an event photographer (more specifically a party photographer) to get the most out of the Christmas photography season, and also show you what you can expect to pay! 


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How to Hire a Party Photographer 

Like booking any type of photographer, there are a few steps to booking an event photographer for your Christmas photography: 

1. Check their portfolio

To decide whether a party photographer’s work has the look you would like to achieve, be sure to check out their portfolio. With Christmas photography specifically, you might want to ensure there is a sentimentality to your event photographer’s work. Previous Christmas or other party work would be a bonus! They will be sure to have their own portfolio online that you can look through to decide whether they would be an appropriate fit, but you could also try to find them on Instagram. 

2. Ask relevant questions

Before you book the event photographer for your party there are a few queries that you are going to want to raise with them. These include: 

    • Do you have any references I can see? 
    • Do you have the right insurance? 
    • What is included in your event photography package? 
    • Have you taken photos at this venue previously? 


3. Discuss their turnaround time

Before the event takes place, you must make sure that you know when you will receive your photos. You should be looking for a turnaround time of a day (or 2 days maximum!) so that you can share out your festive photographs with all your party attendees and they are not left waiting until they can share the best night of their lives on their social accounts! 


Party Photography Packages Prices

Although most professional event photographers will be more than happy to share with you their pricing and rates if you initiate a conversation with them, event photography pricing can be a bit of a minefield if you are unfamiliar with it and are simply trying to book a party photographer for your party. That is why we are here to provide you with an overview of party photographer fees in 2022. 

What’s included?

Look for a photographer with a thorough package that includes all necessities in their event photography pricing.

The necessities we are describing here include editing/retouching, the speed of delivery of the finished photos, reasonable travel distances, all necessary equipment and personnel, and finally suitable image use (copyright).

To find out more about event photography prices and packages check out our guide to event photography pricing.


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Event Photography Pricing

If you are hiring a professional event photographer in the UK, you are looking to pay a minimum of £200 as the average event photographer cost per hour. However, it is not uncommon to see rates of £300-£400 being charged by some event photographers, especially for special events like parties. 

Freelance photographers can often be found at the highest end of the price scale for event photography, whereas larger photo businesses can be found that are a bit lighter on the wallet. 

But Splento does things differently! Splento does not up their event photography pricing for special events like your Christmas party – and don’t even charge more for weekends. They have a flat fee of only £99 an hour for their event photography which means that your Christmas party will be charged depending on how long you keep the Christmas party rolling – whatever hour that may be!  And with a minimum booking time of one hour, you can capture as much or as little of your event as you wish!

Splento will take as many photos as they possibly can through each hour of your Christmas party booking, and then edit the best of the bunch to send out to you. A real benefit of hiring Splento for your Christmas photography is that this flat fee you are charged always includes the photo editing. 

Even better, when booking a Splento party photographer, your photos will be retouched and delivered within just 24 hours – a very short turnaround time – so you can even look back over the images as part of your party debrief with your work colleagues or family and friends.


If you were not already sold, you will be now! And this winter, Splento is offering an additional 12% off the price of a 3-hour event photography booking for your Christmas event. 

When looking for your party photographer contact Splento for your Christmas photography and book an event photographer you can trust to capture you partying in style this winter!


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