10 best Christmas outfits you’ll love for your Christmas photo session Festive photo fun for all the family


It’s getting to that time of year when Christmas events are starting to appear on our calendars and we are all frantically trying to put together a suitable Christmas outfit. One of these events you have coming up might be (or have) a Christmas photoshoot and if so, we have all the answers for you here with our list of the 10 best Christmas outfits for men, women and children, or even the family as a whole!

Christmas outfit ideas for your photoshoot:

    • Matching pyjamas
    • Nativity costume 
    • Christmas party attire
    • Hats, scarves and gloves
    • Christmas jumpers 
    • Santa costume
    • Elf costume 
    • Dress up as your favourite Christmas film character 
    • Tartan trousers/skirt
    • Red or green velvet suit


Christmas outfit ideas 2022

1. Matching pyjamas

At the top of the list of Christmas outfit ideas for families is matching pyjamas. Matching pyjamas are best worn for a Christmas family photo session in your home in front of the Christmas tree, opening presents or snuggling up on the sofa watching a Christmas film.

10 best Christmas outfits you'll love for your Christmas photo session

2. Nativity costume 

Nativity costumes are a great Christmas outfit for children. Think about the different roles in the Nativity play at primary school and choose one for each child. For example, you can divide the costumes for the photoshoot up into Mary and Joseph, the Three Wise Men, and even the animals around the manger.

3. Christmas party attire

Could there be a better time for a Christmas photo shoot than a Christmas party? Christmas party attire also makes the perfect Christmas outfit! Add as much sparkle and glitter that you can possibly get in an outfit and call it a day! Hold some fizz or mulled wine in one hand and a mince pie in the other and you have a picture-perfect Christmas photoshoot. 

4. Hats, scarves and gloves

To capture a winter vibe in your Christmas photoshoot, consider hosting it outside and among nature with hats, scarves, and gloves. Another great Christmas photoshoot idea for families or even couples, this one will make for a wholesome photoshoot you can send out to family and friends over the festive season. Woodland and forests make an amazing backdrop for these photos.

5. Christmas jumpers 

Dig out last year’s Christmas jumpers and gather your family and friends for a festive photoshoot. A Christmas jumper is a great Christmas outfit option for men and women, and you can really get creative with the photoshoot ideas – from presents and drinking fizz, to picking out this year’s Christmas tree. 

10 best Christmas outfits you'll love for your Christmas photo session

6. Santa costume

More of a silly and fun Christmas outfit idea, and perhaps a good one to do with your friends, is a Santa costume. Deck yourself up in the famous red suit and get stuck into a photoshoot. This could be even funnier if you host the photoshoot in your local park and replicate a ‘Santa run’ style photoshoot.

7. Elf costume 

Similar to the Santa costume idea, you can have a lot of fun with a photoshoot if your Christmas outfit of choice is an elf costume. Why not create a mini Santa’s grotto and host your elf-inspired photoshoot here?

10 best Christmas outfits you'll love for your Christmas photo session

8. Dress up as your favourite Christmas film character 

Another great Christmas outfit idea for children (and for adults too – we won’t judge!) is dressing up as your favourite Christmas film character. Get the participants in your photoshoot to dress up as their favourite characters from a Christmas movie and showcase the variety in your photos’ choices. Our suggestions are the Grinch, Arthur Christmas, or Mr Poppy from Nativity. 

9. Tartan trousers/skirt

To get into a suitably festive spirit, a bit of tartan is always a good Christmas outfit idea. This is such a versatile and broad outfit option that there are lots of possibilities for your photoshoot, but one that would look particularly striking with the tartan is hosting the shoot at an ice-skating rink. 

10. Red or green velvet suit

Velvet always seems to make its way back into our wardrobes at Christmas time. Along a similar line to the Christmas party outfit, a red or green velvet suit will provide a touch of glamour to your Christmas photoshoot. Another great Christmas outfit idea for men or women, the velvet suit provides endless Christmas photoshoot opportunities. 


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