11 Great Hacks Every Event Planner Needs to Try Right Now

11 Great Hacks Every Event Planner Needs to Try Right Now


Event management is not for everyone. It is a very energy-consuming profession, requiring fresh and flexible mind opened to new ideas. In the era of fast developing technology, one should also be constantly developing professionally, keeping up-to-date with all the recent developments in the industry. However, as there are many other things you have to keep in mind whilst preparing for the next grandiose event, we created a list of top strategies that might help you.

  1. Special Guests Wanted

We strongly recommend starting it all out with creating a guest list, where so-called media influencers and VIPs would be the highest priority. As this type of audience has a great media outreach, it will create an organic interest in your event if they share their photos and videos from your event online. It can even go viral, if these guests are really popular among their followers. Just a simple namedrop prior to the event can turn potential attendees into paying ticket holders.

  1. High Price – Good Price?

You may think that low ticket price should attract more attendees. But the reality shows that people tend to pay more attention to those type of events, where price tag is somewhat higher than might be expected. More expensive tickets create genuine interest and hype around the event. As long as you don’t price yourself out with unjustifiably high prices, there will be plenty of people willing to purchase reasonably priced tickets as they expect to get interesting, informative and unique experience and content in return.

  1. Secret Location

Hiring a special venue for your event (and by special, we mean a prestigious or famous one) can significantly boost attendees’ interest. But what can be even better is if you keep your location secret until, for instance, the very last week before the event. Revealing the venue right before the event can create intrigue around the upcoming event, which is obviously good in terms of marketing and PR.

  1. Invite Professional Photographers

Of course, people want to attend you event and remember it. Their smartphones are always at hand, but professional photographers will capture the very best moments and produce amazing quality photos. That is why Splento Event Photographers are here for you. Splento service is simple to book and manage, making it easy to get a professional photographer and our team of professional retouchers will then edit digitally enhance all the photos and send them all back to you in 48 hours. Believe or not, but your guests will be extremely happy and grateful to find themselves on high quality professional photos from the event.

  1. Event apps

It is convenient for both attendees and organizers to use their smartphones during event, where event app will include all necessary information such as maps, guest speakers and timetables, event updates, etc. It is a valuable investment because it is a must have for any large event, so why not to use it at your advantage.

  1. Face to face

Sustainable, re-usable stands in place of costly, disposable custom-built stands can be something for you to consider, as in any type of event people tend to prefer eye-to-eye contact. And your event is not an exception. Your event participants can design their own stands and make them tailored to their needs, which is obviously good for boosting the brand awareness. Real human contact is irreplaceable, even in the age of ubiquitous smartphones and social networks.

  1. Event Professionals must wear many hats

Diversity is the word that should come to any mind, when thinking about event management professionals. Planning the right venue, inviting relevant speakers, providing reliable infrastructure during the event – all these are cornerstone points, which every event manager is responsible for. But in addition to that, nowadays one should also know all areas of digital marketing, such as SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay per click advertising), and social media and analytics to ensure event’s success.

  1. Attending other organisers’ events is a valuable learning opportunity

It is always a good strategy to look at other people’s work and, even better, to learn from their mistakes. Attending other events may bring new ideas about infrastructure, entertainment, catering services and many other organizational processes. Of course, your event experience will be unique but it can be very helpful to have a look at what and how other people do similar things.

That is why we recommend to keep an eye on upcoming events in London that might be of an interest for you. Here is the link to the latest events for eventprofs.

  1. Meetings management

Implementation of strategic meetings management (SMM) platforms is becoming more and more popular for any level of organization: be it a huge organization planning or local event. It is a great way to ensure that organizational processes pass through all levels and all channels possible. Such hierarchy of responsibilities helps keep control over many things taking place during the preparation for the event.

  1.  Negotiations

Trustworthy and reliable relationship with all parties such as venues, suppliers, organisers ensure that the event go smoothly and as planned. It is always about right people, who are ready to take responsibility for their obligations and duties to be carried out properly. Well-established connections are fundamental and should be one of the priorities that cannot be forgotten.

  1.  Don’t undersell yourself

Last but not the least, be as objective as possible. But it is very important not to underestimate your project. Set a high benchmark to achieve and show that your event is high profile with top-quality standards: perfect service, interesting and informative performances, secure infrastructure, attractive venue, etc. It is a great opportunity to prove yourself as a professional. You can easily turn your event into a well-known recognizable brand, which will no longer require any special introduction and advertising: it will be a naturally self-sustaining process. As you know, your reputation precedes you, so it is highly important to build it right from the beginning, and to build it perfect from the very beginning.

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