10 photoshoot ideas to capture couples in love Make your St. Valentine's Day unforgettable with Love Story photos


With the most romantic day of the year coming up, you’re probably wondering what to do for a special day like this. 

Well, if you want to get it right, and remember this day for a long time, you should try a couple’s photoshoot. Love is in the air and it only makes sense that you would want to mark this day with something that won’t be easily forgotten – a love story photo session.

In this article, we will be going over 10 charming ideas for your love story photo session on St. Valentine’s Day.

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1. Where you met

The chance meeting between two lovers is a moment that happens once and it is never to be repeated. To make it memorable for both of you, go back to that place and have fun!

How did you meet? If you met at work, go there. If you met at university, go there. Wherever it was that you met, go there and take some photos. It will take your minds back into the mode of thinking about when you first met each other — then those adorable expressions should come right back out again.

Top 10 romantic photos ideas


2. School love story photo

One of our favourite love story photo ideas is going back to school.

Are you and your partner high school sweethearts? If you met at school, try a photoshoot in your old classroom or in front of your old school building. Or take some pictures in front of a chalkboard where you two were taking notes together.

You can do a couples photoshoot where you meet each other for the first time at school or on a university campus, just like in the rom-coms.

3. First date

Capture your love story while reminiscing about your first date together. What did you do? Where did you go? Who was there? What were you wearing? How did it feel when you realised he/she was ‘the one?’

4. First kiss

A true love story photo idea is the first kiss. It’s one of the most special memories in anyone’s relationship. Maybe it was awkward, maybe it was perfectly romantic, but it’s a moment you’ll never forget. Go back to the place you had your first kiss to commemorate it, or if it wasn’t that romantic, you can always reinvent it!

5. Hobby happiness

If you’re a couple who hates to pose for the camera, then don’t. Don’t worry about getting all the same posed photos that everyone else has. 

Instead, take some photos doing the hobbies you love to do together, whether it’s going for a hike or cracking out the board games. If you have a shared favourite TV show or film you can even dress up as your favourite characters.

10 ideas for romantic photos


6. Get creative in the kitchen

So many couples bond over their love of food, making it a great subject for your love story photo session. Doing an activity for your photoshoot, such as cooking a romantic dinner together creates natural, candid photos (plus you get to eat the dinner after!) 

7. Breakfast in bed

You don’t have to go to a fancy location to get great photos; you can get them from the comfort of your own home! Capture all the special mornings you’ve spent with your partner over a romantic breakfast in bed, in your cutest pyjamas.

8. Have fun with props

Props can be the perfect way to have fun, and act as symbols of your relationship. For example, you can surround yourselves with things that represent your relationship together, such as photos or souvenirs from holidays you’ve been on together.

9. Visit your favourite places

A classic love photo story session idea is to go to the places where you and your partner love to spend time together and take pictures there, whether it’s a favourite café, restaurant or a park. This will help the memories of romance endure.

Valentines Day photos


10. Write each other letters

The last of our love story photoshoot ideas is the most romantic and a good option for camera-shy couples. You and your partner both write each other a love letter. Let your heart out on paper and write all the reasons you love them. Then you read each other’s letters and let the photographer capture your authentic emotions.


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