Improve your skills as an event photographer The top 5 free photography courses in London


Have you just started out as an event photographer in London and are looking to develop your skills? Check out our list below of the best photography courses in London (free) that you can access in 2023, including the best event photography courses and short photography courses in London. 

Best photography courses in London

Four Corners into Focus: Part-time course in photography

This free part-time photography course is open to Tower Hamlets residents aged between 14-25 and over 50. Into Focus explores analogue photography and allows you to collaborate with fellow Tower Hamlets residents to develop your camera knowledge in the short span of just 12 weeks. Taking this course will teach you about different camera techniques and you will have the ability to practice these skills in a professional photography studio. You can also experiment with developing and printing methods in the darkroom at Four Corners. 

This course runs every Thursday 4-7pm for the 12-week period and the next project starts Thursday 9th February 2023.


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Positive View ‘Youth Empowerment Programme’

Another great opportunity for those aged 16-25, the ‘Youth Empowerment Programme’ gives you the remarkable opportunity to learn from some of the best event photographers in London and beyond. This course takes place over a 10-week period with a class one day every week. This course will not only help you to improve your skills as an event photographer but will also give you the opportunity to try out fashion photography, portraiture, sports photography, street photography, landscape photography, and architecture to name a few. You will have the option to create your own zine or portfolio using your images. 

Start dates for this short photography course in London (project in Westminster) are the weeks commencing 16th January 2023 and 5th June 2023.


Big Creative Education Photography Adult Learning Course

This qualification is intended to equip you with industry skills to thrive as a photographer. You will be taught how to use a manual camera for a range of different purposes such as portraits, event photography, product/food, and photojournalism. This opportunity is open to anyone who is over 19 years old, unemployed, living at a London postcode and has lived in the UK for at least 3 years. The course will be delivered fully online via zoom for 4 weeks, 3 days per week. 


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Alison Diploma in Digital Photography

This online photography course will help you to master the art of digital photography to become a stellar event photographer. When you have finished this qualification, you get an official diploma which is great to include in your CV, on your LinkedIn profile, and just generally in job applications. You will not only be improving your skills in event photography you will also be able to instantly demonstrate that you are a great photographer. There are also no restrictions to accessing this diploma unlike many others on this list. 


Cambridge in Colour Digital Photography Tutorials

Although not explicitly a course, this library of free photography classes for beginners is a great start for your journey to becoming the best event photographer. There are also no restrictions to accessing this diploma unlike many others on this list.


These short courses should help you to advance your skills as an event photographer in London. 

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