Videography during Covid-19 How to keep your video production company running


The coronavirus pandemic which shook much of the world in 2020 sadly sees no sign of abating in 2021 (at least, not until well into the year). So, if you run a visual content business, how do you manage to keep going with your videography during Covid-19?

It’s a challenge, for sure, but there are ways to survive for many, although it may just take a bit more of your creative thinking that you usually reserve for all the great visual content you produce.

Videography during Covid-19 is possible – here are a few ways that may just help.


Video production during covid-19

How Covid-19 affects video production

We need to begin by acknowledging that there have, unfortunately, been many industries and individual businesses that have suffered terribly through 2020. Not all have been able to adapt to survive – and mostly through no fault of their own.

Depending on your country of residence, as well as work/business status, you may or may not have received financial help from your government.

In the UK there has been quite a lot of state assistance for certain industries, whilst others have fallen between the cracks and received no help.

Video production is an industry that scales from large international organisations right down to individuals working from themselves and, although we don’t have the numbers, it’s fair to assume that a percentage of those in the business are having to support themselves through the health crisis we all face.

Video production during Covid-19 has been hit in certain sectors, but fortunately not all, and so we sincerely hope that many of our fellow professionals will have found a way through.

The largest impact on the business, of course, has been the almost complete shutdown of live events. And we’re not just talking about the major public events here, such as concerts, trade shows and conferences.

Many weddings and other celebrations have had to be postponed and this is a huge sector of videography, especially for local and small set-up professionals – some having seen 90% or even 100% of their business disappear overnight.

Aside from large scale events and other outings, such as weddings, there have also been large losses of bookings from sports events, product launches, parties and so on.

In essence – anything that involves the public in almost any way.

Even “covid safe” jobs, such as video editing, have taken a hit. It may be perfectly fine to be a video editor working from home, alone, as social distancing is not an issue for you – but if you have nothing to edit, then you are still out of work!

And the same applies to many others on the periphery of video production as well – sound editors, costume makers, many makeup artists and hairstylists who rely on film and video for the bulk of their business. As with many, many industries, sadly, the list goes on.

However, it’s not all bad news – there is some light at the end of the tunnel and there is work to be found in video production – even in these strange days. But as we said earlier, you may just have to get a bit more creative to find it.


Ideas for videographers during Covid-19

So, the question remains: How to survive the coronavirus as a videographer?

There are several options, and whilst this list is not exhaustive (by any stretch of the imagination), we hope that it may inspire you to stretch yours a little and come up with something that might just make a difference to you in 2021.


Remote events and videoconferencing

As 2020 has rolled into 2021 and there is no real sign of circumstances changing in any meaningful way (most likely for the next six months at least) then more businesses are turning to remote events and conferences – rather than cancelling for another year.

Think back just a week or so to Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th President of the USA – perhaps one of the biggest remote events we have seen so far.

For almost all of them, this will be something new and untried – and they certainly won’t have the equipment or experience to manage it successfully.

They will be turning to professionals – like you – to advice and run the broadcast (most likely over social media or through the company’s own website or YouTube channel).

These are services you can advertise as supplying. Not done it before? No problem – figure it out now and start putting your name out there that this is what you can do.

Covid-19 videography
USA Presidential Inauguration 2021. Source: AFP.

Livestreaming private events

If you’re not so sure about the big events and conferences, what about private events?

Many weddings were postponed from last year and, although they are allowed to go ahead now, numbers of guests are severely restricted.

A large number of couples will postpone again, but some will not be able to as deposits were paid on locations and money is not always refundable. Others will simply lose patience and not wish to delay any longer.

Where guest numbers are limited, they may prefer to have a sole videographer along as one of that number.

In this way, they can live stream the event to all the guests that they wanted to invite but were unable to, due to restrictions.

All social distancing protocols can be observed (see further down) and in this way, they can share their special day with as many friends and family as they wish to.


Hone your skills

OK – so this one isn’t an immediate money-maker, but if you have time on your hands, get busy.

If you have empty days, then practice, practice, practice and get better at what you already do best!

Or learn something new. If you’re an amazing videographer, but rely on others to edit for you, learn some editing skills.

Enrol on an online course and get recognised qualifications in something that you already do and love, but may not have had formal training in.

If, like many, you have already had to seek alternative employment elsewhere to get through the current period, then doing any of these in your spare time will help to keep you in touch with your true calling.

And once we emerge from this into the dawn of the post-covid day (or new era), then you will be better experienced, better equipped and possibly better qualified to make a successful career even more successful.


Videography during covid-19

Product Videography

One market that has positively boomed since early 2020 is online sales.

Demands for online shopping has grown exponentially almost month-on-month and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Indeed, even post-covid, it’s likely that many will remain as online shoppers, having been coached through experience into making it the normal routine for them.

And products need visual content to sell online. Product photography is one thing, but product videography is increasingly in more demand as sales platforms get more sophisticated and competition gets tougher.

And product videography is the easiest filming to do remotely, without contact with others.


Property videography

Like product sales, home sales have (surprisingly) boomed during 2020 and the trend looks to also continue into this year.

Remote viewings of homes are fast becoming the ‘norm’ now, with home buyers only venturing out for an in-person visit once they have created a very shortlist based on video viewings.

With new technologies being picked up by estate agents – such as 360° video, AR and VR, demand for property videographers has never been greater.

Even if property filming doesn’t feel as creative or exciting as what you are used to, if it can provide an income then, right now, it’s something to take a view on.


Ideas for videographers

Short films

Another field of videography that has surprised many by its sudden increase in popularity in 2020 is short films.

Partly because videographers have had more time on their hands, and partly because viewers are stuck at home demanding more and more entertainment, the short film industry has exploded in 2020 and created a lot of unexpected work within the industry.

Such is the impact that it has even made the headlines in the press – follow this link to “read all about it”.


Call Splento

Here’s another idea for videographers during Covid-19: have a chat with Splento.

Alongside many others, like us, we have had to evolve to move ahead during 2020 and on into 2021 as well, however, we have projects we are working on and we are always happy to speak with great talent – you never know when we may need someone with exactly your skills and experience.

Call us, or get in touch via our webpage, and you never know – we may well end up working together, possibly sooner than expected!


Video production guidelines during Covid-19

As with every industry and individual at the moment, it is vital to observe all current guidelines and recommendations from your government and health authority.

For videography during covid, this mostly involves regular sanitising and correct application of face coverings and social distancing measures.

Filming – whether Hollywood blockbusters or locally made short films – has been largely able to go ahead, as long as correct procedures are followed. This can make filming tricky, or at the least, challenging, but not impossible.

Many are managing by rewriting scenes to allow for more distance, filming scenes separately or using plexiglass or other clear separators – invisible on screen if you get the lighting right.

And the rules are pretty much the same for filming small functions and events – the most important thing to take along is common sense.

Do not put others at risk and, as important, do not put yourself at risk either.

The rules and regulations are likely to change frequently over the next few months, as we move from lockdown to (most likely) some form of localised tier system again. This means keeping yourself informed of what you need to do and when.

At Splento, we work where and when we are able but always put health first, as we all should be doing. If you wish, you can read a little more about our approach to Covid safety measures.

There are also links there to the UK government advice pages.



These ideas and suggestions will not just come and find you – get pro-active and find ways to find the work. Thinking outside the box is what matters if you want to be a successful videographer during Covid-19.

It can seem almost overwhelming to many at times, but through it all, never stop looking for the opportunities – don’t allow those to get lost in the pandemic headlines

If you have any questions about anything we have touched on in this article, please do feel free to contact us.


Videography during a pandemic


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