Why user experience is key to digital marketing Positive steps to increase your customer base


User experience (UX) is an essential factor in our digital world now. Customers today want their needs and demands delivered to them without delay – ordering food, online shopping, booking flights, etc. It may seem like your digital marketing campaign is the best, but if it fails in providing a good user experience, then you will lose clients and will fail to generate conversions. 

So here are a few points about why user experience is key to digital marketing.


Positive user experience leads to client satisfaction 

Businesses need to ensure that the user experience is as smooth as possible because it affects how people interact with your company. 

  • Focus on your target audience

Your main priority should be to understand your target audience and their interests before moving forward with the digital user experience that you want to provide. Observe the competitors in your niche and find out what they’re doing differently to attract audiences. 

User experience begins from the moment a prospect clicks on your page to the last second of their purchase at the checkout. It helps you build a good relationship with your audience and boost your customer retention rate. A digital marketing campaign is meaningless if it doesn’t build meaningful connections with its customers. Using social media platforms is an excellent way of making long-lasting connections with your audience and encouraging them to click on your posts. 

It has been stated by Frank Chimero, an illustrator and author based in New York: “People ignore design that ignores people.” 

Once the interests of your target audience are recognized, a website can be prepared that meets their requirements, leading to their satisfaction. You can prioritise a web design that portrays the personality of your brand while also focusing on proven user experience procedures to increase the click-through rate. 

Good user experience improves SEO

User experience and SEO are a perfect combination. SEO brings traffic to your website, and user experience converts that traffic into leads. If your website delivers a poor user experience, it probably won’t rank at the top of the results page. Poor user experience leads to poor SEO.

  • It helps people find and remain on your site

User experience can enhance your website’s visibility. Users find a lot of relevant results when they conduct searches. The aim is to increase your site’s ranking on search results when you optimise SEO. 

You’re more likely to increase your website’s ranking on search results if you have a good user experience on your website. When SEO brings traffic to your site, UX helps to keep the traffic on it, by helping you keep your leads engaged. This increases the time that they spend on your site. 

Google will receive a positive signal if leads spend a good amount of time on your site. This way, Google will increase your rankings in the search results, which improves your SEO because it will know that your page is relevant and valuable to your audience.


Decreases your bounce rate

Bad web design is a common reason for high bounce rates. You can’t decrease your bounce rate immediately. However, you can decrease the number of design-related bounces gradually with the use of creative web design focused on the user experience. 

One of the best ways to better your high bounce rate is UX design. It focuses on structuring or restructuring web pages such as navigation, layout, content, and more so that it can provide a quality user experience. One important component of websites is landing pages. 

  • Landing page 

You must ask yourself first if your land page is relevant to the needs of your target market. High bounce rates are a result of the landing page not meeting the needs of readers. If the page does not contain good content and a proper navigation system, then no visitor will stay more than a couple of seconds on the site.

For example, this web development Houston company leverages responsive and strategic web designing techniques in their landing pages to entice visitors to stay longer on their website.


Clients share positive feedbacks

As we know, most clients are easily swayed by the words and opinions of their families, friends, and peers. It is a critical factor that plays a very important role in brand management.

We all want to share our positive customer experiences with everyone because brand ambassadors will be created among loyal customers. Social media has become a platform where people can share their customer experiences as digital landscapes continue to increase communication channels between brands and their customers.

UX design can differentiate between a positive review and an average or negative one. With social proof online, people can get encouraged and influenced to like a brand by a person’s user experience.


Helps generate ROI

When a company releases a new product or campaign, many risks come with it. It’s very difficult to know whether that released product will produce ROI or not. You can gain a major capital loss if your product launch is unsuccessful.

Nevertheless, you can decrease the possibility of such losses if you invest in smart UX design. You can easily identify potential issues and find solutions to fix them so that you can have an error-free launch. 

UX design includes extensive user research, mapping of information, architecture, testing, wireframing, etc. It helps you in gaining a more precise estimate of the ROI of the product that you’re going to release.


Increase in conversion rates

A survey conducted by Imperva on 4,500+ customers shows that 62% of online shoppers will wait no more than 6 seconds for a webpage to load. Websites that have slow speed become victims of conversion loss. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, then you immediately lose leads along with your conversions.

Users don’t want any unnecessary complications in the way of them having access to information about the product that they want to purchase from a website. Customers prefer to use websites that are easy to navigate and understand.

By prioritizing UX design, you can improve the digital customer journey and encourage them to purchase products easily. No one will want to know anything about your products if they are put off by your site’s landing page.  



UX serves as a strong pillar for a digital marketing campaign. It focuses on fulfilling the demands of a visitor, whereas digital marketing increases brand visibility, creates leads, and increases revenue. Good digital marketing campaigns allow information about a product or service to reach the target audience, who may purchase it. When this is embedded with a great UX design, a business is more likely to attain a larger loyal customer base.



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