What is a 360 virtual tour video? Immersive videos for Real Estate marketing


The application of virtual reality in real estate is all the talk in the industry. We’ve all been fooled by real estate photographs that sell the property a little too well. So when the video revolution came along in the industry, it was interactive, informative and more importantly, not deceptive. But is the same as being there? Well, almost. With a new advancement – 360 virtual tour videos – clients are given more freedom to explore the property in detail just like they would have in real life. 360 virtual tours are panoramic tours that give the viewer the ability to look in any direction and assess spatial dimensions. If you’re a realtor in 2020, it’s about time you remodel your real estate business to introduce 360 virtual tours for your clients.

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Why use 360 virtual tours in Real Estate?

1. Virtual tour videos have a wider reach

For clients who don’t have easy access to the location of the listed property, 360 virtual tours will help them decide whether it’s worth the drive. This way, as a realtor, you’re not just selling to your immediate geographic market but can sell a property to buyers across the world. Clients will now be able to see how the property realistically looks and decide whether they’d like to move on to the next stage. This helps clients filter down houses they genuinely like, instead of wasting time visiting every listed property. 


2. Virtual tour videos save time and money

A typical property showing wastes time and money for the realtor as well as the client. While realtors spend their day setting up the house to look perfect waiting to give the client a walk-through, the client drives across the city in their one hour break to get a viewing of the property. The journey of buying a property doesn’t have to be so unpleasant. With 360 virtual tour videos, the realtor can have a video made for all his clients to get a feel of the house, while clients can sip on their caramel macchiato from work while viewing their future home. 


3. Virtual tour videos benefit the sellers

Don’t forget that 360 virtual tours aren’t just great news for realtors and buyers, but the property sellers as well. Buyers will now be able to view the property online and only request an in-person viewing if they’re really interested in the place. This means less disruption for the sellers, as fewer people will be viewing the property in person. Not to mention, the seller’s property will always look clean in the video, and the property is seen in perfect lighting – no matter what time of the day they are viewing. 


4. Virtual tour videos lead to faster sales

Most property buyers spend a significant amount of time online, searching for potential houses. So if a 360 virtual tour video of a house is used, it blows all other listings out of the water. Such virtual tours give a better understanding of the interiors and dimensions of a house in contrast to a regular video. Since these tours result in increased interest from genuine buyers, the sale is more likely to take place faster.


Choosing to adopt 360 virtual tour videos as a part of your marketing strategy, is a very small decision with huge implications. If you think of all the benefits of these videos, the investment is bound to be worth it. Help yourself, your seller and your potential buyer, by investing in 360 virtual tour videos today.


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