The advantages of filming a brand video in London Why you need your next video production to be in London


London is full of rich history and amazing film locations, which are the perfect combination for filming brand videos to create stunning visual content. The creative and inspiring air of London encourages most brands to travel across the country to shoot their video productions. 

As a business, you may wonder why any company would incur all the travelling expenses, time and effort of going all the way to London to capture their video when they can shoot right in their hometown. But once you have seen it for yourself – the enchanting and magical power of filming in London – you will definitely see it shine through in your video as well. 

Perhaps it’s time to try it out for yourself and film your next video production to London.



Reasons to shoot your brand video in London

1. Best video production companies are in London

Over the years, London has grown to become a major film production hub of Europe, simply due to great locations, rich history, and of course the talented video production companies. 

Whatever your business may be, we guarantee that you’ll find a production company that specialises in it. Find specialist video production companies for real estate, food, fashion, sports, or whatever else your brand may sell. 

We haven’t even got to the best part yet – many of the best companies use the latest tech, such as drones and 4K cameras, so not only will your brand be captured in London, it will be filmed in the best possible way.

If it’s your first time filming in the big city, don’t worry- we’ve got a list of the best videographers in London so that you can dive right into filming. 

2. Great shooting locations are in London

A huge advantage of filming in London is the large array of shoot locations from ancient structures to modern landmarks that can be easily recognised. Any brand would be spoilt for choice when deciding a venue for shooting their video. 

Most brands these days want to be associated with a capital city of the world. So just as brands have used New York and Paris in the past, the new norm is to shoot in London to sell your brand as an English lifestyle. 

It doesn’t matter if you want to shoot by the Thames or on the London Eye or even in a run-down pub, all these locations have London written all over them so use that to build your brand. 

If you know nothing about London or even if you live there, but are unsure where to start, we’ve got a list of amazing filming locations in London for videographers so that you know where to shoot.


3. Casting capabilities in London are amazing

If you’re looking to use a brand ambassador for your video, London is home to plenty of celebrities – singers, movie stars, models and sportspeople. 

You can use this access to famous faces to make your video more attention-grabbing as individuals are more likely to watch David Beckham selling a suit than a mannequin. 

Whatever your brand stands for, you can seek out a celebrity who can endorse it and create a positive brand image for your company. 

When it comes to filming your brand video in London, there are no downsides. You could shoot on a production set with a green screen, but then you’d be missing out on all the many wonderful advantages London as a location can offer.

In addition, we can help make things much easier by crossing at least one thing off your to-do list – forget searching for a videographer and hire Splento to create high-quality brand videos for you in London. We know the city in and out and our talented professionals have years of experience shooting videos just as you envision them. 


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