The benefit of a luxury property video when selling your home Why you need to ask your estate agent for a luxury home video 


The real estate market is a whole different ball game if you’re selling a luxury home. If you’re planning on selling your premium property soon, everything matters from whom you hire, how you price, and what you show. 

The further you go up in price, the more careful you’ll have to be about the decisions you make. The first one being who you hire. Always hire an experienced real estate agent when it comes to selling your home, as many realtors don’t have the required knowledge to move in the luxury real estate market. 

How do you know your realtor’s an expert? Easy- they know what’s best for your property. Again, you may wonder what’s best for your property – and the answer is luxury property video; the three greatest words in a realtor’s playbook. 


Top 4 reasons to use a luxury property video to sell your luxury home

1. More privacy

As much as you want to sell your house, it can get frustrating to open your home to groups of strangers all the time. A property video of your home will ensure that not every Tom, Dick and Harry will be knocking on your door. 

Only potential buyers who’ve seen the video and truly liked the house will set up an in-person viewing. Plus, the buyers can see your home at their own convenience without any scheduling issues – so you won’t be attending any night calls anymore.


2. Faster sale

When your agent doesn’t have to show the house to every potentially interested buyer, the process of selling your home becomes a whole lot faster. The use of luxury property videos will help filter out the buyers who are really interested in the property and cuts down on the sale time. 

Since buyers can view a property from anywhere in the world, this also opens up the sale to a huge pool of potential homeowners. You could sell your luxury home to anyone in the world from red-carpeters to high-stakes poker players. The potential to increase the client-pool is massive, so ask your realtor to create a property video for your home and cash in on its far-reaching effects.


3. Sell in style

The technological advancements in the field of videography have made it possible to make your home look even more glamorous than it is. With the help of 4k technology, aerial shots, and 360 virtual tours, you’ll be able to showcase your home in a whole new light. If you’re planning to part with your house, then do it with finesse. 


4. A souvenir of your past

You may have spent only the past couple of years in your home or even an entire lifetime, but you helped make that house a home and for that, you deserve something to remember it by. Maybe your children grew up there, or you created many other fond memories, but in years to come, you will be able to go on a virtual stroll down memory lane. 


You may be of the opinion that if your home is good enough, then it should sell itself. While that’s true, people can’t buy something they don’t know exists. Make sure your sales agent arranges a luxury property video for your home.

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