New video production services to consider using in 2021 Get a head start in the new year, with a new take on your old approach


The pandemic has got everyone in their homes consuming video content like never before,  because, well, what else are we going to do? Be productive? I don’t think so. If you’re a brand looking to tap into this stay-at-home audience, there’s plenty of video options you can start creating to release in 2021. 

Start the new year with a new perspective of video. Experiment with the art of videography as all videos are a great tool to capture the viewer’s attention. If you’re a company or an interested individual looking to start 2021 with a bang, here are some of the video production services to consider for your near future.  


Top 5 video production services for 2021

Social media videos

Social media is soon going to become the biggest way for brands to engage with their customers. With a majority of the population staying at home, tapping away at their phones, a lot of the content they go through every day is branded social media videos. 

You don’t have to shoulder the responsibility of going viral – that’s too much to expect when you’re starting out with your brand on social media. But if you’re able to engage an audience you’ve never had access to in the past, then you should consider that a big win. 


Corporate videos

If you’re a company surviving without the help of video then you are now in a minority. Companies nowadays use corporate videos to communicate with their stakeholders in a more interesting way as opposed to plain, old text documents. 

Training videos for new recruits, testimonials of customers, and company introduction videos for investors are some of the many ways companies have been using video production services to enhance their corporate image. 


Music videos

Gone are the days when music lovers would simply plug in their earphones and listen to music on their Walkmans. It’s all about complementing music with visual content now. Music videos going viral is the only way for some musicians to finally get their foot in the door. 

If you’re a music artist it’s about time you considered seeking video production services to help you create both a visual and auditory masterpiece. 


Real estate videography

Realtors across the world have gone through quite a slump with the pandemic hitting the real estate market hard. However, the new video revolution in the property industry is gaining traction and growing in popularity day by day. 

Real estate businesses are now creating virtual property tours to allow potential buyers to take a look at properties without physically visiting them. With tools like drones, high-resolution cameras, and panoramic cameras, the idea of virtual tours come pretty close to the real thing. 


Short films and documentaries

Having had plenty of time to yourself this year, we’re sure you have a creative story cooking up in your head. If you’d like to seriously consider a career in filmmaking, start off with a short film or documentary in 2021. 

You can use videos to weave stories and tales that can steal your viewer’s attention and transport them to your world of cinematography. It’s important to hire professional videography services to film the video so that the audience isn’t distracted by trivial and technical issues.


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