Corporate videos versus marketing videos What is the difference?


Almost every company has come on board with the idea of using videos for the company’s operations. But when presented with a wide range of video options, it’s difficult to know which one is right for your business. 

Often used interchangeably, marketing videos and corporate videos are as different as yin and yang – but just as interconnected. Being able to differentiate between these video types can help avoid any miscommunication with clients as well as any other stakeholder of the company. 

The common goal of both videos is to help improve business by conveying the intended message to a target audience. Apart from that, there are significant differences between the two. 


Corporate Video

A corporate video is usually made for improving the corporate image of the company. It conveys the vision and values of the company and is often (but not always) used for internal purposes. The objective of a corporate video is to make the viewer respect the organisation and develop a positive relationship with the company.

You can create corporate videos to tell a story about your company in an engaging and interesting manner. Such kind of video production can be incredibly beneficial for the company as it tells the world what your company is and what you do in an entertaining manner. 

Corporate videos are more authentic than marketing videos as you’re not trying to sell anything but simply tell people how things are. Creating client testimonials is a form of corporate video where verified customers can share their view on a product and their experience with the company. Here, the company isn’t directly pushing a product but is creating a good image with the help of unbiased reviews. 

Corporate videos are also used as informative tools as in the case of training videos. Your company can save time and money training new recruits with pre-recorded videos rather than having someone teach every time there’s an employee influx. Employees also have the liberty to watch the video numerous times until they’re well-versed in the subject. 


Marketing Video

A marketing video has more to do with the product or service rather than the corporate image. Marketing videos are made for advertising and promotional purposes. It conveys the perceived value of a product so that customers are moved to buy it.

Marketing videos are open for the public; it’s all over the television and internet, and probably running on digital billboards as well. The reason for marketing videos is to spread the word about the product and help connect with your customers. These videos are also used to improve engagement levels on social media platforms. The more people start engaging with your brand the better it is for your sales. 

Marketing videos are short and entertaining visual content that are often created with the intent of going viral. So the aim of the video isn’t to just inform product features, but also stand out in terms of captivating the crowd and delivering in style. 

The term ‘marketing video’ may be ambiguous to most people as it encapsulates many different aspects of marketing. But here’s an easy way to understand it – if it can implant the idea of product purchase in the viewer’s head, then that’s a successful marketing video right there. 


As video professionals, we wanted to clear up this confusion so that the next time you ask for a marketing video – you really are asking for a marketing video. There’s plenty of differences between marketing and corporate videos but the one significant thing they have in common is that the professional videographers at Splento can help you create both at the same fixed price – just £149 per hour, finished. 


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