Video production services for YouTube How to gain more YouTube subscribers through visual content


When it comes to video production, and releasing video content, no one can deny that YouTube is the ultimate platform to use. Having over 2 billion users, which amounts to a third of the internet, YouTube is your best shot at reaching a larger audience for your brand or your individual image. 

YouTube content creators can make thousands of pounds a day, and if you’re a company trying to promote your brand online, you can do the same by simply acquiring a larger customer pool.


Remember – as of January 2021, YouTube had 2 billion visitors to the site each month. And that is just the ones logged into their YT accounts.

Between them, these visitors watched over 1 billion hours of video content each day, with 70% of these being viewed on mobile devices.


If you’re not sure what does well on YouTube, there are a few suggestions below that will help you increase your exposure on YouTube to start you off on the platform. But brace yourself, and be prepared for instant growth.

Before we dive into the top 5 suggestions for YouTube video production, here’s one more idea for you.

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Top video production services for YouTube

1. Product videos

There are plenty of viewers online who come straight to YouTube to know more about a product rather than reading a review online. Video reviews and unboxing of products are a great way to lead a customer’s purchase decision. 

If you pick a category of products like beauty or tech products, you’re more likely to gain subscribers with the same interest. Sponsored YouTubers get free products from businesses all the time for promotional purposes – simply because this type of video works.


2. Instructional videos

Nobody likes reading a set of instructions on how to do something when they have the option of someone showing them how. Tap into an inquisitive audience and share your knowledge with instructional videos with step by step guidance on trending topics. 

Try choosing topics that a mass of people would want to learn like ‘how to make beef lasagne’ rather than ‘how to grow a cactus in your basement’. Make sure to post consistently so that your audience has plenty of content to try out.

If you market a product, create a series of ‘how-to’ videos for different uses, or answer your most common FAQs.


3. Company videos

If you want your customers to learn more about your business or your products, YouTube is a great place to spread this information. Create introductory videos to your business, post product videos and maybe even fun work-place videos to create a more personal bond. 


4. Educational videos

YouTube has become the go-to online platform for educational information. Whether it’s students trying to make up for lost hours of class time, or just an interested mind looking to learn more, there are plenty of YouTubers whose sole purpose is to educate. This could be breaking down a concept for easier understanding or simply voicing your take on modern-day affairs. 


5. Comedy sketches

All YouTube users might be searching for various different content online, but if there’s one universal category that everyone seems to enjoy, then its comedy. Many comedians have made their careers on the internet by releasing funny video sketches. If laughter is supposed to be medicine, filming it can be an elixir for your YouTube page.

If you have a product or service to promote, comedy is a great starting point for many companies. Done well, humour always works well. And it works particularly well on YouTube.



Retaining a viewer’s attention is everything on YouTube, so make sure the first 10 seconds of your video draw them in. Create valuable and supportive content so that users can interact with your video through comments and shares. 

You might think it’s too late to start a successful career path on YouTube, but trust us- it’s never too late. The internet is full of receptive people waiting to discover interesting and entertaining content. You’ll never know how they’ll react to your content unless you take a step forward and actually release a video. 

If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of creating YouTube videos, Splento can provide video production services to create your first one. Simply book today for £149 an hour and get started on your video journey. 


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