Instagram Stories: Surefire Ways to Use Them to Market Your Business

Instagram Stories: Surefire Ways to Use Them to Market Your Business


Instagram Stories – the latest update on Instagram attracted general attention and gave rise to much talk. These days it is something you need to be aware of, whether you work in Social Media Marketing or not. However, the question is how to use Instagram Stories to promote your business.

Comparison to Snapchat

As you may have noticed from the latest Instagram update, it has taken a popular feature first created by Snapchat called ‘Stories’. The pictures and videos you post won’t affect how your main profile looks like as all stories are located above the feed. Following the same concept as Snapchat, images not only disappear in 24 hours, but they can also be edited with the use of filters and added captions as well as in Snapchat. Instagram claims this was done in order to help user to avoid over-posting. Should one now seriously consider getting rid of their Snapchat account? Unfortunately, at least for now, Instagram doesn’t have any face filters that are so popular among Snapchat users: just remember that unicorn one! But we think, it is just a matter of time.

What it means for your business:

It is great news since one doesn’t need to have two different applications anymore. As Instagram is free, it is a budget saving opportunity for your business to create more hype around your brand and engage more with your customers/followers. You can post ‘behind the scenes’ live videos/photos straight to your Instagram account. It helps create a closer relationship with your customers: engagement on a more personal level means you constantly build your brand loyalty and enhance your recognition on the market.

Audience demographics

It is also worth noting that the demographics of the audience you are dealing with on Instagram are much wider than the one on Snapchat (thanks to Instagram’s more understandable and friendlier interface). Basically, it means that you are able to reach more than just teenagers obsessively using social networks these days, but also a more mature group of people who might be more interested in a product you are offering. Keep this in mind when choosing which kind of posts you share!

Regular updates

There is one condition, though: of course, you should not forget to update your permanent Instagram gallery. And if your Story can be (and should be) live showing things how they really are, your Instagram profile has to look as professional as possible, full of high quality photos and interesting content. If Story is entirely limited by your own imagination and resources available, Instagram page can get some help from the outside. And Splento is here for you to help!

This London-based company specializing in photography offers affordable and professional photographers on demand ready to take wonderful pictures for your business. It will be an excellent contribution to your online marketing campaign. Based on a premise of fixed rate of £49 per hour, you can organize a photosession, which will save you time and money, creating quality photos for your future use on Instagram and web use in general. With Splento you can create a whole photography portfolio for your business: event photography, food photography, property photography, portrait photography and many other options. It is very handy to have a bunch of beautiful photos that represent your business in the best way possible!

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